Bảo vệ các nhóm bằng tính năng Duyệt Zero Trust

Tính năng Browser Isolation của Cloudflare giúp duyệt web an toàn hơn và nhanh hơn cho doanh nghiệp của bạn và nó hiệu quả với các trình duyệt gốc.

Các trình duyệt web ngày càng phức tạp và phức tạp hơn bao giờ hết. Chúng cũng là một trong những bề mặt bị tấn công lớn nhất của bạn.

Cloudflare Browser Isolation là một dịch vụ duyệt web Zero Trust. Nó chạy trên đám mây cách xa mạng và điểm cuối của bạn, cô lập các thiết bị khỏi các cuộc tấn công.

Key benefits

Điều gì khiến việc bảo vệ nhân viên khỏi các mối đe dọa từ Internet trở nên khó khăn như vậy?

Applying Zero Trust to browsing means that no code or interactions should be trusted to run on devices by default. Cloudflare Browser Isolation runs all code at our edge — insulating users from untrusted web content and protecting data in browser interactions from untrusted users and devices.

Reduce attack surface

Zero Trust browsing stops malicious code on uncategorized, risky, or even low-risk sites from infecting users’ devices

Simplify deployment

Set remote browser isolation policies from the same management dashboard where you manage application access, DNS/HTTP filtering, and more.

Protect data

Stop data loss and phishing by controlling user actions (keyboard input, copy, print, up/download) within apps or risky sites.

Customer value

Minimize your attack surface

Isolate without compromising user experience

Filters and inspections will never catch 100% of threats, even with the best intel. Isolate browsing instead of applying overly restrictive blocking policies.

Our Browser Isolation runs a headless version of the Chromium browser, which renders all browser code at our edge, instead of on your endpoints, to mitigate known and unknown threats like malware, ransomware and zero-day threats. The low-latency experience is invisible to end users and feels like a local browser.

Seamless user experience

Không phải là trình duyệt từ xa thông thường của bạn.

No pixel pushing. No latency

Các trình duyệt từ xa cũ gửi cho người dùng một phiên bản chậm và khó hiểu của một trang web. Cloudflare vẽ một bản sao chính xác của trang trên thiết bị của người dùng và sau đó phân phối bản sao đó nhanh chóng đến mức giống như một trình duyệt thông thường.

Try it for yourself

Cloudflare Zero Trust

Natively-integrated RBI

Extend Zero Trust with built-in, not bolt-on security

Unlike other providers, Cloudflare has natively-integrated browser isolation with all our Zero Trust services.

Our browser isolation is built from the ground up with our other Zero Trust services on our network and designed to run across our 275+ locations.

Use a single management interface for:

Use Cases

Isolation effectively protects against ransomware infection. But even for non-isolated sites, that defense is bolstered by native integrations with services like our SWG to block risky sites and domains and our ZTNA to reduce lateral movement of threats.

Phishing and email security

Isolation not only stops harmful code in a phishing link from executing locally, but also prevents keyboard inputs of sensitive personal info. Plus, coming soon, admins will be able to activate email filtering with a single click – powered by Area 1.

Zero-day attacks

When a patch is available for the zero-day vulnerability, Cloudflare automatically deploys the patch to all remote browsers on our network. This means admins can protect devices while avoiding interruptions do not need to interrupt users from their work to force updates.

Secure contractor access

Isolate connections to specific hyperlinks — without installing any software on user devices. Use this clientless model to protect data that contractors interact with on unmanaged devices — without added configuration overhead.

Control input on suspicious sites

Admins can protect teams by isolating these high-risk websites like ‘Typosquatting’ and ‘Domains’ often used for phishing. Cloudflare serves the site in read-only mode and disables file uploads, downloads and keyboard input.

Integrate with third-party solutions

With our clientless deployment, admins can integrate Cloudflare with existing web or email gateways for a more gradual transition from legacy services. Send high-risk clicks to our remote browser and apply a custom block page or other protections.

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Bảng dữ liệu: Cloudflare Browser Isolation

Tóm tắt các tính năng và lợi ích chính của tính năng Cloudflare Browser Isolation

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Demo: Try Cloudflare Browser Isolation

Demo lightning-fast, secure browsing at the edge. No subscription, no installation, and no pixel pushing.

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Solution Brief: Email Link Isolation

Isolate email links and apply 'never trust, always verify' scrutiny to reduce attack surface and simplify operations. Soon, Cloudflare Area 1 customers will be able to turn on Cloudflare Browser Isolation to neutralize sophisticated multi-channel phishing threats.

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Webinar: Extend Zero Trust threat and data protection

In this on-demand webinar, Cloudflare will share how to integrate browser isolation into your threat and data protection strategy -- with no tradeoffs in experience for end users. You will also hear from Jonathan Lister Parsons, CTO and co-founder of PensionBee, who will share perspectives on evolving his organization's IT and security strategy and the role browser isolation plays in that journey.

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