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A global, always-on load balancer
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Cloudflare Load Balancing ensures better performance, uptime and user experience by dynamically balancing traffic across geographically-distributed data centers and servers.

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Improved performance and resiliency

As soon as an origin server or server pool goes down, requests proxied through Cloudflare get instantly rerouted to the nearest data center — helping maximize performance and resiliency.

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Increased flexibility

Load balance traffic across multiple L4-7 protocols — including HTTP(S), TCP or UDP — and tailor your configuration to support evolving business needs.

Quick, simple configuration and management

Set up a customizable and scalable load balancing infrastructure using the Cloudflare Dashboard or REST API — no additional hardware or software required.


Improve availability and web performance with our global, cloud-based load balancer

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Load Balancing intelligently distributes traffic across your multicloud deployments to reduce server strain, enhance application availability and user experience, and minimize bandwidth consumption and latency.

It runs in each of our data centers across 320+ cities worldwide and is backed by our DDoS-resilient DNS — the fastest authoritative DNS in the world.

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What our customers are saying

“The combination of Load Balancing’s geolocation steering and Cloudflare’s caching makes sure customers are getting the fastest load times possible.”

Active Solutions, Managing Director — Nigel Hepworth


Cloudflare Load Balancing helps you maximize application availability while reducing server strain and eliminating hardware-related costs

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Global traffic management (GTM)

Load balance traffic across geographically-distributed data centers to ensure application uptime and resiliency, even during surges, outages, or attacks.

Local traffic management (LTM)

With private IP support, get near real-time failover across multiple servers, whether they are deployed in a private, public or hybrid cloud.

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