SSL for SaaS

A tool for SaaS providers to manage customers’ websites and SSL certificates at scale
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Make encryption easy so your customers can have more confidence in your service and, their end users’ data is safe.

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Branded visitor experiences

Achieve higher SEO rankings with branded domains while keeping the benefits of a fully managed TLS certificate.

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Secure and performant customer assets

Protect customer domains from on-path attacks and network snooping with SSL/TLS certificates. Use the HTTP/2 protocol for greater speed improvements.

Rapid global SSL deployments

Cloudflare deploys new certificates across its global network of data centers in 320 cities, bringing HTTPS online in minutes.


Speed up your customer onboarding flow

What is ssl

Cloudflare manages the entire SSL lifecycle, from private key creation and protection through domain validation, issuance, renewal, and reissuance.

With SSL for SaaS, you can send a single API call as part of your onboarding — all your customer has to do is add the initial CNAME into your domain.

What is ssl

Learn how to deploy TLS in complex enterprise environments

What our customers are saying

"With SSL for SaaS we have implemented a simpler flow because Cloudflare’s API handles the provisioning, serving, automated renewal, and maintenance of our customers’ SSL certificates. Plus, end-to-end HTTPS now means we have bolstered privacy and performance for our customers, and can leverage browser features, like Local Storage, that we couldn’t use before."

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Top SSL for SaaS use cases
Apex proxy flexibility

Allow your customers to proxy their apex to your application, regardless of their DNS provider.

Bring your own IP

Bring your own IP range to announce at the Cloudflare edge and manage your customers’ IP assignments.

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Custom origins

Route customers to your origin of choice as your company scales.

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Wildcard custom hostnames

Extend encryption, performance, and security to any customer subdomain with wildcard custom hostnames.

Helping organizations extend the benefits of Cloudflare to their customers

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