Better World Ed

“We can focus on creating better world educational content while trusting Cloudflare has our back for security.”

Better World Ed is a nonprofit on a mission to humanize learning. Since 2014, they have been creating wordless videos, human stories, and lesson plans that help educators, parents, and students bring real life into learning.

Executive Director Abhi Nangia started the organization in an effort to humanize traditional approaches to education.

“Throughout my life, I have had big questions about humanity and our world,” Nangia says. “And throughout my time in school, it was incredibly hard to explore these big questions in a meaningful and engaging way. Too often, content was pretty boring. And if content is boring, most kids will not want to engage with it. Yet to create a better world, it is going to take all of us being interested in creating meaningful change. Better World Ed is our effort to make learning about our world and each other a more human, meaningful experience so we can reweave the fabric of humanity together from an early age.”

A holistic approach to education

Better World Ed’s wordless videos ensure they can be used all over the world, without language barriers. “Wordless videos enable learners to practice curiosity before judgment — to wonder beyond words,” Nangia says.

As of 2022, the organization has more than 50 wordless videos and 150 human stories that focus on math, literacy, empathy, global awareness, curiosity, and belonging. Better World Ed is being used across the globe, by educators in the US, India, Australia, and beyond.

Ensuring global reliability

When Nangia heard about Project Galileo, he thought it sounded like an opportunity to ensure global access to Better World Ed. “We joined because Project Galileo enables us to expand our reach in a secure way, while being able to bring our wordless videos to an audience all over the world — for a better world.”

Before onboarding with Cloudflare, Better World Ed experienced attempts to hack their website, which risked their ability to be consistently accessible to both educators and learners.

“Cyber security is something that is increasingly important in our world today, and while we wish it were not necessary for a nonprofit trying to make a positive impact, we had people trying to hack our website,” Nangia says. “Because we are a small team with limited bandwidth, Cloudflare's Project Galileo enables us to up our security efforts in a way that keeps us sleeping peacefully, trusting our website is in good security hands.”

Nangia noted that since onboarding with Cloudflare, which was a “breeze” and required no technical help, Better World Ed’s site has not been taken down by attacks.

Better World Ed

Project Galileo enables us to up our security efforts in a way that keeps us sleeping peacefully, trusting our website is in good security hands.

Abhi Nangia
Executive Director