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Cloudflare 團隊解決方案

Cloudflare for Teams 利用我們的全球邊緣網路取代了傳統的安全性邊界,從而使網際網路更快、更安全。

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Whether you call it SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) or simply the new reality, enterprises need flexibility at every layer of the network and application stack. Users need secure, authenticated access wherever they are: at the office, on a mobile device or working from home.

Cloudflare One is a network-as-a-service solution that simplifies and secures corporate networking for teams of all sizes.

Cloudflare 的不同之處


  • Cloudflare 在 100 毫秒內可觸及已開發世界中 99% 的網際網路使用者
  • 51 Tbps 的網路容量
  • 網路遍及世界上 100 個國家/地區的 200 個城市


  • 保護超過 25,000,000 個 Web 資產,藉此收集威脅資料
  • 每日封鎖 72B 的網路威脅
  • 來自平均每秒 1100 萬個 HTTP 請求的情報


  • 由 提供的安全性這是世界上最快速的公用 DNS 解析器
  • Cloudflare 的消費性產品透過 Warp 建立於,評論數達到 20 萬條,平均評分為 4.5 分
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How Cloudflare One works

No matter where applications are hosted, or employees reside, enterprise connectivity needs to be secure and fast. Cloudflare’s massive global network uses real-time Internet intelligence to protect against the latest threats and route traffic around bad Internet weather and outages.

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Protect employees and data from threats on the Internet.

Keep employee connections to the Internet safe. Coudflare One inspects traffic leaving devices and networks for threats and data loss events that hide inside of connections at the application layer.

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Connect your people to your applications.

When users connect to the Internet from branch offices and devices, they sidestep the firewall appliances that used to live at headquarters. With Cloudflare One, you can apply standard security controls to all traffic - regardless of how that connection is initiated.

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Authenticate every request.

Integrate your existing endpoint and identity solutions to apply filters based on identity and context to both inbound and outbound connections. Every login, request, and response proxies through Cloudflare’s network regardless of the location of the server or user.

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Connect offices to each other and the Internet - safely.

Cloudflare One doesn’t just help your team move to the Internet as a corporate network - it optimizes the Internet. Our network is carrier-agnostic, exceptionally well-connected and peered, and delivers the same set of services from every global point of presence.

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Log every request.

Capture every request, inbound or outbound, without any server-side code changes or advanced client-side configuration. Export logs to the SIEM provider of your choice.

Cloudflare 如何實現 SASE

Cloudflare 具有獨特的架構,可在全球 200 多個位置的每一處提供整合式網路和安全性服務,因此無需企業透過集中式資料中心執行流量或在雲端管理多點解決方案。

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Cloudflare Access


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Cloudflare Gateway


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Cloudflare Magic Transit

我們的網路安全產品可保護網路基礎結構免受 DDoS 威脅和網路層攻擊,並與 Cloudflare Web 應用程式防火牆 (WAF, Web application firewall) 合作,以防禦漏洞利用。


VPN 替代資源

部落格:Cloudflare 取代其 VPN 的历程

Cloudflare 最初構建 Access,是因為我們的工程師不想再使用 VPN 了。瞭解我們取代 VPN 的旅程。


解決方案簡介:Cloudflare Access 如何取代 VPN

瞭解 Access 如何使用基於身份的規則取代 VPN 連接。

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