The Cloudflare China Network

Give your users in China a fast, secure online experience.

Traffic bottlenecks, poor interconnection between local ISPs, and an active threat landscape can create web performance, reliability and security challenges for websites operating in China. Cloudflare and our strategic partners in China have created a global network that offers a fast experience for visitors inside and outside of China — with DDoS mitigation, web application firewall (WAF), and other security services built in.

立即啟用 Cloudflare China Network:

Cloudflare 中國網路如何工作?

中國的網際網路架構與世界其他地區不同。三大 ISP 控制著網路,但由於對等連接有限,經常出現網路擁塞。流量進出中國時也發生擁塞,導致高延遲和包丟失。

要優化在中國境內的內容交付,關鍵是在各地擁有地理位置分散的資料中心,並與每個地區的主要 ISP 建立連接。這就是 Cloudflare 中國網路所提供的服務。我們與京東雲合作推出了一個網路,這個網路到 2023 年底將擴展到中國大陸 150 個地點。

Performance and security services on the Cloudflare China Network:

內容傳遞網路 (CDN)

Serve static content from data centers that are dispersed across many cities in mainland China and connected to the major ISPs in every region.

In-country DNS resolution

Further reduce website load times with the option to resolve DNS requests within China.

DDoS 防護

Stop the largest attacks with unmetered, always-on protection that operates at the network edge, reducing time-to-mitigate and eliminating web performance penalties.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Build and deploy custom rules in minutes, and draw on threat intelligence automatically curated from protecting approximately 25 million websites.


Protect data in transit by uploading your own custom SSL certificate, use a universal certificate, or let Cloudflare manage dedicated certificates specific to your business.


Build and deploy serverless code instantly across the entire Cloudflare network (including China) to give your applications exceptional performance, reliability, and scale.

Our local partner in China

The Cloudflare China Network is run in partnership with JD Cloud, the cloud computing arm of the Chinese eCommerce giant JD Cloud was named a 'Strong Performer' in Forrester's Wave for public cloud platforms in China.

Cloudflare 的不同之處

Resilient and reliable

Every security and performance service runs in each data center in the Cloudflare China Network, giving it the capacity to withstand the largest attacks and function as normal in the event of isolated outages.

Threat intelligence

Cloudflare continually analyzes incoming attacks and automatically applies this threat intelligence across the entire network, including data centers in China. Stopping an attack on one customer makes all customers safer.

Easy to manage

Manage your traffic and security posture inside and outside of China from a unified control plane — no separate dashboards, support, or billing. Changes propagate across the entire network within minutes.


立即啟用 Cloudflare China Network:

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Learn how the Cloudflare China Network can improve web application performance, reliability, and security for users in China.

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Optimize website performance and security in China

Network complexity and the threat of cyber attacks can make it hard for a website to perform quickly and reliably users in China. This whitepaper offers solutions.

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Announcing a Partnership Between Cloudflare and JD Cloud

Our partnership with JD Cloud will allow international businesses to grow their online presence in China without having to worry about managing separate tools with separate vendors for security and performance.


受到各行各業約 25,000,000 個網際網路資產的信任,包括: