FastMail(快速邮件)确保采用 Cloudflare 保护他们的 DNS 基础架构,永远不会丢失邮件。

FastMail is a premium email hosting service based in Melbourne, Australia. Its clients range from small individual users to large enterprise customers. Their goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to access email on any device.

FastMail’s Challenge: Protecting DNS Infrastructure to Ensure That Email Always Gets Delivered

In November of 2015 FastMail received a DDoS attack threat from hackers demanding a ransom in exchange for refraining from the attack. A DDoS attack on a mail provider, as FastMail explained in their blog post about the event, "is like being unable to get to your post box because a huge crowd has formed around the front door of the post office." Maintaining their stance to refuse negotiations with any hacker group FastMail refused to deliver the ransom and took internal precautions to ensure their customers would still be able to access their mail in the event of an attack. Though FastMail's mitigation strategies largely worked for this attack, they were in search of a security partner that would give them peace of mind in the case of any future threats or attacks.

FastMail's Solution: A Reverse Proxy for DNS Infrastructure

FastMail 认为,应对挑战的最佳解决方案是 Cloudflare 的 DNS 防火墙服务。DNS 防火墙服务是指 FastMail 利用 Cloudflare的网络作为其 DNS 基础架构的反向代理。也就是说,针对 FastMail 的 DNS 服务器的流量首先要通过 Cloudflare 的某个全球数据中心进行路由,恶意请求在这里被阻断,然后将 100% 干净的流量定向到被屏蔽起来的原始 FastMail 服务器。此解决方案非常适合 FastMail,因为正如 FastMail 的运营经理 Rob Norris 所说,“只要您的 DNS 正常,邮件就不会被退回,但是当 DNS 断线时,邮件就会出问题。”因此,DNS 防火墙对 FastMail 特别有用,因为这意味着 DNS 始终处于在线状态,其邮件将始终被传递。“我们在可靠性方面非常努力,“ FastMail 的市场经理 David Gurvich 说:”但是有了 Cloudflare 以后,我们就可以放心了。即使我们从网络上消失了,Cloudflare 仍将继续为我们提供边缘 DNS 服务,从而确保邮件不会丢失。


始终在线 DNS 确保邮件永远不会被退回并正常传递。

有了 Cloudflare,我们尽可放心。即使我们从网络上消失了,Cloudflare 仍将继续为我们提供边缘 DNS。

David Gurvich