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Magic Firewall

Firewall di rete nativo sul cloud per la WAN della tua azienda
Illustrazione di Magic Firewall

Rafforza le politiche di sicurezza di rete complete in tutta la WAN, comprese le sedi centrali, le filiali e cloud privati virtuali. Sviluppa regole globali dei filtri precise in meno di 500 ms — il tutto in un'unica dashboard.

Illustrazione di Magic Firewall
Secure entire WAN

Enforce network security policies across your entire WAN, including headquarters, branch offices, and virtual private clouds.

No appliances to manage

With Magic Firewall delivered from the Cloudflare global network, your security scales with your business needs. No artificial choke points or downtime for appliance upgrades.

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Deploy rules instantly

Fine-grained filtering rules deploy globally in under 500ms. Manage rules from a single dashboard.


Apply filtering policies on the Cloudflare global network

Magic Firewall - How it works

Magic Firewall runs everywhere in Cloudflare’s global network, letting you inspect layer 3/4 traffic no matter where your branch offices are located.

It also runs in-line with Cloudflare One, our comprehensive cloud-based WAN-as-a-Service solution for replacing a patchwork of legacy hardware appliances for networking and security.

Magic Firewall - How it works

Learn how develop a strategy for your network modernization

What our customers are saying

“The Cloudflare implementation engineers helped us complete a huge piece of work in a very complex environment. Overnight we expanded our Cloudflare protection from our web applications to our entire network. It was an A+ experience.”

Technology Project Manager, Melbourne Airport — George Panagiotidis


Top Magic Firewall use cases

Magic Firewall allows organizations to stop malicious attacks without relying on outdated hardware.

Retire legacy firewall appliances

Magic Firewall is deployed from the cloud, blocking attacks with no need to install or maintain hardware boxes.

Mitigate L3 DDoS attacks

Magic Firewall integrates Magic Transit to stop layer 3 DDoS attacks that can overwhelm your infrastructure.

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