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What is ssl
  • Garantiza la productividad de tus sitios web: con TLS, evitas las advertencias de seguridad del navegador y descender en la clasificación de resultados de los motores de búsqueda.
  • Ahorra tiempo en la gestión de certificados: deja que nos encarguemos nosotros de la emisión y renovación automática de tus certificados TLS.
What is ssl
Improve website performance

By using the latest protocols and operating close to users, Cloudflare TLS minimizes latency to speed up webpage load times.

Protect users and data

TLS ensures data passing between users and servers is encrypted. Prevent on-path attacks, and safeguard user data to meet compliance requirements.

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Boost traffic to website

Search engines favor websites that use TLS. Avoid browser warnings present on unencrypted sites that dissuade users from visiting.

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Deploy effortlessly

Set up certificates for a domain in less than 5 minutes. Keep your hosting provider. No code changes required.


Faster, more secure websites with TLS

What is ssl

Formerly known as SSL, Transport Layer Security (TLS) encrypts web traffic and authenticates origin servers. Cloudflare TLS certificates auto-renew, saving time and money and preventing service disruptions.

Cloudflare also has advanced customization options for enterprises, including Advanced Certificate Manager, keyless SSL, custom hostnames, and SSL for SaaS.

What is ssl

Learn how to deploy TLS in complex enterprise environments

What our customers are saying

"Using Cloudflare’s TLS certificates, which automatically renew, we save about $50,000 a year, both in administrative costs and lost revenue from outages due to expired certificates."

John Turner, Application Security Lead, LendingTree

Top SSL/TLS use cases

Cloudflare TLS helps you protect your brand and keep your websites and users secure, and can be deployed in under 5 minutes.

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Encrypt sensitive data

TLS encrypts all content passing between server and user to prevent data leaks.

Maintain and increase site traffic

Using TLS avoids browser security warnings and search engine deprioritization.

Save time on certificate management

Cloudflare issues and auto-renews certificates for you.

Helping organizations worldwide streamline certificate management

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