Ensure Application Availability

Improve the availability of applications affected by overloaded or unavailable infrastructure.

Users expect their mission-critical applications to always be online and available. Internet applications deployed on a global scale are highly susceptible to outages or downtime due to spikes in traffic, high network latency or server outages at the origin. Cloudflare improves application availability by monitoring network latency and server health at the origin, identifying the best resource from which to serve user requests for dynamic content.

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Global Scale

Cloudflare’s global Anycast network spans 275 cities in 100 countries, offering a scalable infrastructure backbone that prevents downtime and unavailability.

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Ease of Use

Setting up Cloudflare takes as little as 5 minutes. The easy-to-use dashboard enables quick configuration of fine-grained functionalities to improve the availability and performance of Internet properties.

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Integrated Security & Performance

Cloudflare includes integrated security services to defend against DDoS attacks, customer data breaches, and abusive bots, while preventing performance trade-offs.

Challenges Affecting Application Availability

Traffic Overload

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Both expected and unexpected network congestion or overloaded infrastructure can degrade performance to a point where websites or applications stop responding.

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Interactivity and Personalization

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Applications or individual origin servers can experience unplanned downtime and hard-to-troubleshoot outages, preventing visitors from accessing assets. Unplanned downtime includes hardware failures or system failures due to misconfiguration.

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Disaster Recovery and In-House Load Balancing

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Assets can also go offline for reasons unrelated to the network, such as manual and error prone disaster recovery or in-house load balancing, resulting in often hard-to-troubleshoot outages involving expensive triage.

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Cloudflare Availability Services

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By protecting the origin from being overloaded and redirecting traffic around congested networks and away from failed servers to healthy origins, Cloudflare improves availability of applications.

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More Cloudflare Performance Use Cases

Accelerate Internet Applications

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Heavy pages and long distances from the origin slow down Internet applications. Accelerate the delivery of static and dynamic content for higher conversions, better engagement, and lower infrastructure, operational, and development costs.

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Accelerate Mobile Experiences

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Mobile clients introduce performance and content delivery constraints which hurt user experiences. Deliver fast mobile experiences that increase engagement and conversions, regardless of distance to origin servers, device types, or network health.

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