DDoS Protection for Service Providers | Magic Transit

Now more than ever, service providers are challenged with ensuring the availability and fast performance of their networks.

Magic Transit detects and mitigates DDoS attacks of any size and kind at the network edge, closest to the source of origin—so service providers and their customers have increased uptime and performance.

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MT for Service Providers
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Do more with less

Hardware DDoS mitigation boxes involve high CAPEX and need dedicated labor for configuration and management. Cloudflare delivers software-defined industry-leading DDoS mitigation with a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

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Acquire new customers, increase revenue

Network downtime directly impacts revenue. Increase your revenue by retaining more customers and acquiring new customers with increased uptime and availability using Cloudflare's industry-leading DDoS mitigation.

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See what we see

Get near real-time visibility into network- and transport-layer traffic patterns and DDoS attacks. Investigate attacks by their types, sizes, and sources right from the dashboard.

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Security with integrated performance

Unlike other cloud providers that backhaul Internet traffic to identify threats at distant scrubbing centers, every Cloudflare service runs on every data center than spans over 200 cities. So there’s no added network latency due to backhauling and all traffic benefits from faster routing over the Cloudflare network.

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Always-on or on-demand

Choose a deployment model that suits your needs. Cloudflare Magic Transit offers flexible options for both always-on and on-demand architectures with manual or automatic switchover.

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Scale as your business grows

Cloudflare Magic Transit is completely cloud-based, with a mitigation capacity of 42 Tbps. So you don’t have to worry about buying more (or any) boxes for DDoS mitigation or traffic acceleration as you expand your customer base.



Cloudflare was named a “Leader” according to the 2019 ‘IDC MarketScape: Worldwide DDoS Prevention Solutions'


Cloudflare has received the most number of ‘High’ ratings as compared to the other 6 DDoS vendors across 23 assessment criteria in Gartner’s 2020 ‘Solution Comparison for DDoS Cloud Scrubbing Centers’ report


Cloudflare has been recognized as a “Leader” in the 2017 ‘Forrester Wave: DDoS Mitigation Solutions’

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Service Provider Reseller Models

  • Allocated Prefix Model - Service provider onboards their own IP prefix (/24 or larger) onto Cloudflare and allocates IPs within the prefix to their end customers

  • Resell to Prefix Model - Service provider onboards customers with their own IP prefix (/24 or larger)

  • Resell to Full Network Model - Service provider onboards an IP prefix (/24 or larger) that comprises their own IP addresses as well as their end customers

  • Referral Model - Service provider has customers with their own IP prefixes (/24 or larger) and refers the customer to Cloudflare

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Over 25 million Internet properties

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