Cloudflare DNS vs. Google Cloud DNS

Cloudflare DNS delivers superior performance, high availability, and robust security
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Cloudflare DNS is an authoritative DNS service that offers significantly better query response performance than Google Cloud DNS. Coupling that performance with robust security and unparalleled redundancy, Cloudflare DNS is a better choice for most organizations.

Accelerate web experiences with Cloudflare:

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Why customers choose Cloudflare DNS over Google Cloud DNS

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Superior performance

The Cloudflare DNS query speed is more than 3x faster than that of Google Cloud DNS. Faster queries mean better web experiences for users.

Unparalleled redundancy

Cloudflare enables DNS resolution in any of Cloudflare’s 320 data center locations — far more locations than what Google offers. Greater redundancy equals better uptime.

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Robust, integrated security

Cloudflare DNS customers can access key, built-in security capabilities, including DDoS mitigation, one-click DNSSEC, and email security.

Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud delivers fast web experiences

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Cloudflare DNS is a key offering in Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud — a unified platform of cloud-native services that facilitates fast, secure connections among users, websites, and infrastructure. The platform is built on a global network that spans more than 320 cities around the world.

The Cloudflare authoritative DNS service enables your organization to benefit from exceptional performance, high availability, and robust security no matter where you and your users are located.

Cloudflare vs. Google DNS - Connectivity cloud diagram

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Cloudflare DNS

Google Cloud DNS


Delivers ultra-low-latency response times that are more than 3x faster than Google.

While advertising low latency, Google Cloud DNS delivers performance that is consistently poorer than Cloudflare DNS.


Offers Free, Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans to support a wide range of organizations.

Has only one pricing plan, which includes charges per zone per month with fees for the numbers of queries.


Provides DNS services in 320 cities around the world, helping ensure fast resolution and high availability.

Supports DNS services in far fewer edge locations than Cloudflare.


Includes integrated security features such as DDoS protection, DNSSEC, DNS Firewall, and access control.

Offers DNSSEC and access control, but no DDoS protection.

Cloudflare vs. Google DNS FAQs