Cloudflare One

Cloudflare One is a network-as-a-service (NaaS) solution for enterprises that securely connects your remote users, offices, and data centers to each other and the resources that they need. It enables your corporate network to match the state of your enterprise: global, distributed, and consistently connected.

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Whether you call it SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) or simply the new reality, enterprises need flexibility at every layer of the network and application stack. Users need secure, authenticated access wherever they are: at the office, on a mobile device or working from home.

Cloudflare One is a network-as-a-service solution that simplifies and secures corporate networking for teams of all sizes.

Embrace Zero Trust Access

Replace broad security perimeters with one-to-one verification of every request to every resource. Enforce Zero Trust rules on every connection to your corporate applications, no matter where or who users are.

Secure Internet Traffic

When threats on the Internet move fast, the defenses you use to stop them need to move faster. Cloudflare One protects remote employees from threats on the Internet and enforces policies that prevent valuable data from leaving your organization.

Protect and connect offices and data centers

Corporate networking has become overly complicated, which means user traffic often has to travel through multiple hops to get to where it needs to go. Protect offices and datacenters through one consistent cloud platform with Cloudflare One.

How Cloudflare One works


No matter where applications are hosted, or employees reside, enterprise connectivity needs to be secure and fast. Cloudflare’s massive global network uses real-time Internet intelligence to protect against the latest threats and route traffic around bad Internet weather and outages.

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Protect employees and data from threats on the Internet.

Keep employee connections to the Internet safe. Cloudflare One inspects traffic leaving devices and networks for threats and data loss events that hide inside of connections at the application layer.

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Connect your people to your applications.

When users connect to the Internet from branch offices and devices, they sidestep the firewall appliances that used to live at headquarters. With Cloudflare One, you can apply standard security controls to all traffic - regardless of how that connection is initiated.

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Authenticate every request.

Integrate your existing endpoint and identity solutions to apply filters based on identity and context to both inbound and outbound connections. Every login, request, and response proxies through Cloudflare’s network regardless of the location of the server or user.

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Connect offices to each other and the Internet - safely.

Cloudflare One doesn’t just help your team move to the Internet as a corporate network - it optimizes the Internet. Our network is carrier-agnostic, exceptionally well-connected and peered, and delivers the same set of services from every global point of presence.

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Log every request.

Capture every request, inbound or outbound, without any server-side code changes or advanced client-side configuration. Export logs to the SIEM provider of your choice.

Getting started with Cloudflare One

Cloudflare is uniquely architected to deliver integrated network and security services across each of our 200+ locations worldwide, eliminating the need for enterprises to run traffic through a centralized data center or manage multiple point solutions in the cloud.

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Cloudflare Access

Cloudflare Access enables enterprises to securely access internal applications and data by verifying requests and enforcing policies at our network edge, no matter where users are located in the world.

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Cloudflare Gateway

Cloudflare Gateway protects users and corporate data by inspecting user traffic, filtering and blocking malicious content, identifying compromised devices, and using browser isolation technology to prevent malicious code from executing on user devices.

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network virtual backbone

Magic WAN

Magic WAN replaces legacy WAN architectures with Cloudflare’s network, providing global connectivity, cloud-based security, performance, and control through one simple user interface.

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Cloudflare One Resources

Getting Started with SASE: A Guide to Secure and Streamline Your Network Infrastructure

This whitepaper explores the evolution of network infrastructure that has made SASE architecture so relevant and appealing, and details how Cloudflare One delivers a SASE platform.

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6 Considerations for Your SASE Setup

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) adoption may seem intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Read this infographic to learn 6 initial steps you can take.

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Blog: Introducing Cloudflare One

Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince explains the vision behind Cloudflare One, and how it will simplify the complexities of corporate networking today.

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Blog: How does Cloudflare One work?

Learn more about the technical architecture underpinning Cloudflare One.

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