Cloudflare Spectrum

The Internet is more than the web. It comprises many other TCP/ UDP applications that have the same fundamental needs as web services – speed, security, and reliability.

Cloudflare Spectrum is a reverse proxy product that extends the benefits of Cloudflare to all TCP/UDP applications.

Spectrum — NEW
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Real-time traffic acceleration to route around network congestion

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DDoS protection with over 155 Tbps of mitigation capacity

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Global and local load balancing with fast failover

Fast. Secure. Reliable. Pick three.

Custom gaming application? Spectrum will ensure it’s lightning-fast for all your global users. Want to ensure the security and uptime of your financial trading software? Spectrum will do just that, even at peak trading hours.

Easy on off
Easy to use.

We aim to build products that solve complex problems and are also surprisingly easy to use. Spectrum can be configured with a few clicks right from the dashboard or API. You build the app, we handle the rest.

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Better apps, lower cost.

It’s best-in-class networking, without the hardware. WAN acceleration, DDoS mitigation, and load balancing appliances need racking, stacking, and cabling that also involve high CAPEX costs. With Spectrum, pay for only what you use — without the hardware maintenance costs.

Real-time traffic acceleration

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Speed is an integral part of many applications. Often, applications such as RDP, VoIP, RTMP or custom financial and gaming applications require low end-to-end network latency to deliver consistent, reliable, and ‘real-time’ experiences to end-users.

Cloudflare Spectrum integrates with Argo Smart Routing to send TCP traffic faster than the ‘best-effort’ Internet. Cloudflare’s network learns from the traffic of millions of Internet properties, enabling machine-learning (ML) based intelligent routing around network congestion in real-time.

Based on synthetic measurement tests between Western America and Singapore, we saw a nearly 17% decrease in the TCP roundtrip time (RTT) on Cloudflare's network when compared to sending the traffic directly on the Internet.

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Best-in-class DDoS protection

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With a network mitigation capacity of over 155 Tbps, instant threat detection, a time to mitigate (TTM) under 3 seconds for most threats, Spectrum proxies and protects your applications against the most sophisticated and multi-vector DDoS attacks. With a network of data centers that spans over 275 cities in 100 countries, Spectrum is well-positioned to stop DDoS attacks in the cloud closest to the attack source, well before they reach your application server.

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IP Firewall included

IP Firewall

Spectrum comes with a completely software-defined IP firewall that can be configured right from the dashboard or API. You can allow or deny individual IPs or IP ranges to granularly control traffic to your application server. You can also configure rules to block visitors from a specified country or even an Autonomous System Number (ASN).

IP Firewall

Increased reliability with faster failovers

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In the event of a downtime, all active TCP connections and UDP traffic automatically failover to an alternate healthy server in a configured load balancing pool to prevent downtime. By dynamically distributing it to the most available and responsive server pools, Cloudflare Spectrum and Load Balancing together help increase the uptime of your services.

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Real-time analytics


Get in-depth information on ingress, egress traffic, and threats mitigated using Spectrum.

  • See real-time data transfer (ingress and egress) as well as the no. of concurrent connections to your service
  • Request detailed log data on every single connection event using a RESTful API
  • Automate log data delivery to a cloud storage provider of your choice

Key Features

Proxy any TCP/UDP traffic through Cloudflare
Allow or deny IP addresses
Integrated performance benefits
Real-time application-specific analytics
Allow TLS passthrough traffic
Easy setup through dashboard UI or API
Load balance layer 4 traffic across multiple servers
Supports log share to public cloud storage buckets (Enterprise plans only)


Cloudflare Spectrum – Availability by plan




5GB monthly data allowance $1/GB overage fees

10GB monthly data allowance $1/GB overage fees

5GB monthly data allowance $1/GB overage fees

10GB monthly data allowance $1/GB overage fees

10GB monthly data allowance $1/GB overage fees

Trusted by millions of Internet properties

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