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Cloudflare Project Pangea

The Internet has become central to our lives — and it has only become more so this past year. And yet, half of the world’s population has no access to the Internet, with many more limited to poor, expensive, and unreliable connectivity. Despite large levels of public investment and private infrastructure, this uneven and unfair access to the Internet persists. In response, networks owned by and operated within the affected communities have emerged to solve the access problem — and they consistently demonstrate success. With minimal training and support, communities are building their own local networks cheaply and reliably with commodity hardware and non-specialist equipment.

Project Pangea is Cloudflare’s effort to help bring underserved communities secure connectivity to the Internet through Cloudflare’s global and interconnected network. We’re partnering with communities to help connect their locally-built networks to the Internet, for free.

Cloudflare Project Pangea

The Challenges

Communities around the world are increasingly investing in physical infrastructure to promote Internet connectivity, including WiFi antennas, fibre cables. However, even after communities establish local connections, the connection to the global Internet can be prohibitively expensive -- if it can be found at all.

Cloudflare's Approach

Cloudflare’s mission is to help build a better Internet, for everyone. Project Pangea extends the Internet we’re helping to build - a faster, more reliable, more secure Internet - to people who might not otherwise be able to access it. With Project Pangea, Cloudflare can help communities solve the network challenges of routing traffic to and from the Internet on behalf of the local or community network, while also providing state of the art security, privacy, and performance.

Cloudflare launched Cloudflare Network Interconnect in August 2020 to allow our customers to connect directly to our network for improved performance and reliability. Magic Transit and Magic Firewall provide those same customers with protection from malicious traffic like DDoS attacks. While we have used these services to help large enterprises improve the reliability and security of their networks, these same tools, with the same security and privacy protections built in, can be used by underserved populations who would not otherwise have reliable Internet access.


Project Pangea

Cloudflare is offering our suite of network services - Cloudflare Network Interconnect, Magic Transit, and Magic Firewall - for free to eligible non-profit. community networks, local networks, or other networks primarily focused on providing Internet access to local underserved or developing areas. This service dramatically reduces the cost for communities to connect to the Internet, with industry leading security and performance functions built-in:

Cloudflare Network Interconnect

Cloudflare Network Interconnect provides access to Cloudflare’s edge at 200+ cities across the globe through a flexible patchwork of physical and virtual connectivity options.

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Magic Transit

Magic Transit acts as a conduit to and from the broader Internet and protects community networks by mitigating DDoS attacks within seconds at the edge.

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Magic Firewall

Magic Firewall gives community networks access to a network-layer firewall as a service, providing further protection from malicious traffic.

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Industry Support

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Pangea Participants

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Apply to Project Pangea

Eligibility requirements

Project Pangea is intended to help extend more secure and reliable Internet access to underserved communities. To be eligible, participants must be non-profit entities, cooperative community networks, or private or small commercial networks operating in the interest of the community, and must be primarily focused on providing Internet access to local, underserved communities.

Bandwidth cannot exceed 5Gbps at the 95th percentile (Cloudflare may update this figure upon 15 days notice).

Resale of Cloudflare's Internet provisions and security services provided under Project Pangea are for the benefit of the community network only and not available for resale to other networks, individuals, or entities.

Project Pangea may not be available in all jurisdictions.

Technical requirements

At this stage, the program includes two technical requirements.:

  • The network has its own IPv4 space (v6 support coming soon);

  • The network has or can establish ‘backhaul’ to an exchange point at eligible Cloudflare public or private peering locations found here.

As the project evolves, we may be able to modify these technical requirements.

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