Security, Performance, and Global Distribution With Cloudflare Virtual DNS

Virtual DNS protects and accelerates any organization’s DNS infrastructure through robust DDoS mitigation, lightning-fast DNS lookups, and caching at 64 locations around the globe.

Cloudflare Virtual DNS

DDoS mitigation on the DNS infrastructure

Lightning-fast DNS lookups due to caching and a global network. Responses are cached milliseconds away from any visitor, anywhere

Bandwidth savings to origin nameservers

The difference between Cloudflare’s DNS and Virtual DNS is that with Virtual DNS, records stay on your own nameservers.

Cloudflare’s DNS proxy service ensured that Digital Ocean’s hundreds of billions of daily DNS requests are 100% clean. Read our case study to learn more.

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Security: Cloudflare’s Virtual DNS Ensures 100% clean traffic

Block Malicious Traffic

Virtual DNS provides organizations with a 100% clean DNS traffic by identifying malicious requests and blocking them at the edge.

Mask Your Origin IP Addresses

Virtual DNS also masks the true origin IP addresses of providers’ nameservers behind Cloudflare’s IP addresses, keeping them safe from being targeted by attackers.

Speed and Global Distribution

Global, Fast Response Time

With Virtual DNS, Cloudflare caches DNS records at the edge of our globally distributed network, ensuring that queries are resolved lightning-fast on every continent and in every major city regardless of origin server location.

Caching and Bandwidth Savings

Cache DNS responses at the Edge

In addition to stopping attack traffic at the Cloudflare edge, Virtual DNS saves bandwidth to the origin nameservers.

Want Virtual DNS?

Cache DNS Responses at the Edge

Virtual DNS is sold as a separate product, regardless of plan type. For more information, contact our sales team.

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Read our DigitalOcean case study to learn how Virtual DNS protected their DNS infrastructure.