8 keys remote workforce

Infographic: 8 Keys to Securing Your Remote Workforce

Here is your infographic! It’s your checklist for a crucial remote workforce challenge: what security steps do I need to take right now to protect my internal applications, my employees’ devices, and the data they send over the open internet?

Securing and Accelerating a Modern Workforce

Once you’ve read the infographic, and understand these eight steps, what can you do to implement them?

Our new e-book, Securing and Accelerating a Modern Workforce, explains how. It covers such topics as:

  • Personal Device Use, and how to make them more secure without a lot of new software.
  • Zero Trust Network Access, and how to use it to make applications more secure and easier to access.
  • VPN Challenges, why they’re risky, and how to avoid them.

Are you ready to make your remote security more effective and easier to manage?

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