Ransom-based DDoS threat? Don’t pay.

Ransom-based DDoS (RDDoS) attacks are on the rise. In an RDDoS attack, cybercriminals threaten to DDoS network infrastructure of an organization unless a ransom is paid before a certain deadline.

If you recently received a ransom note:

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Do not pay the ransom

Paying ransom only encourages bad actors—and there’s no guarantee that they will still not attack your network now or later.

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Contact Cloudflare

Our team of security engineers is equipped to onboard you quickly, and safeguard your website and network infrastructure from DDoS attacks of any size or kind.

业界领先的 DDoS 缓解


根据 2019 年“IDC MarketScape:全球 DDoS 防护解决方案”,Cloudflare 被提名为“领导者


在 Gartner 的 2020 年“DDoS 云清理中心解决方案比较”报告中,Cloudflare 在 23 项评估标准中获得“高”评分的数量胜于其他 6 家 DDoS 防护供应商


在 2017 年“Forrester Wave:DDoS 防护解决方案”中,Cloudflare 被评定为“领导者

Cloudflare 拥有可靠的基础设施和一支非常称职且反应迅速的团队。Cloudflare DDoS 保护能够阻止最大规模的 DDoS 攻击。
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深受各行各业约 25,000,000 个互联网资产的信任,包括:

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