FindLaw by Thomson Reuter

FindLaw by Thomson Reuters uses Cloudflare to secure and accelerate thousands of customer sites. Learn how FindLaw leveraged Cloudflare to quickly issue over 8,500 SSL certificates — and to achieve major speed gains with Argo Smart Routing.


Hi, we’re Cloudflare. We’re building one of the world’s largest global cloud networks to help make the Internet faster, more secure, and more reliable.

Meet our customer FindLaw. FindLaw is a Thomson Reuters company. They’re a digital marketing agency for law firms. Their primary goal is to provide cost-effective marketing solutions for their customers.

Theresa:我叫 Theresa Jurisch。我是汤森路透的首席安全工程师。

Jesse:您好,我叫 Jesse Haraldson,我是汤森路透旗下 FindLaw 公司的高级软件架构师。


FindLaw’s primary challenge was to be able to maintain the scale and volume needed to onboard thousands of customers and their individual websites.

Jesse:所以,我们采用 Cloudflare 面临的主要挑战是 Google 在强调 SSL 网站方面发出了一些杂音。他们将修改 Chrome 浏览器,以将非 SSL 站点标记为不安全。我们期望找到一种方法,可以合理快速地将 8500 个站点大规模迁移到 SSL。

Theresa:要做到这一规模,以赶上我们的运营速度,它必须做到天衣无缝,必须是瞬间发生的事情。之前我们尝试了几种不同的方法,但效果不佳,我们又尝试了 Cloudflare,这次奏效了,有点出乎意料。

Like us, FindLaw cares about making security and performance a priority, not only for their customers, but for their customers’ customers.


Jesse:借助 Argo,65% 的客户亲历了更快的网络性能,所以说,这是非常重要的事情。

Theresa:Cloudflare 面对的站点性能、准确性和速度对于建立这种联系至关重要。

Jesse:我喜欢 Cloudflare 带来的持续创新和推动。

Theresa:Cloudflare 真是太神奇了。Jesse:Cloudflare 真是一种解脱。

With customers like Thomson Reuters FindLaw and millions of other Internet properties that trust Cloudflare with their security and performance, we’re making the Internet fast, secure, and more reliable for everyone.

Cloudflare: Helping build a better Internet.


•FindLaw 借助用于 SaaS 的 Cloudflare SSL 快速保护了 8,500 个客户站点

•65% 的 FindLaw 客户利用 Argo 智能路由获得更快的性能

Cloudflare 太神奇了... Cloudflare 真是一种解脱。

Theresa Jurisch