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FindLaw by Thomson Reuters uses Cloudflare to secure and accelerate thousands of customer sites. Learn how FindLaw leveraged Cloudflare to quickly issue over 8,500 SSL certificates — and to achieve major speed gains with Argo Smart Routing.

Video Transcript

Hi, we’re Cloudflare. We’re building one of the world’s largest global cloud networks to help make the Internet faster, more secure, and more reliable.

Meet our customer FindLaw. FindLaw is a Thomson Reuters company. They’re a digital marketing agency for law firms. Their primary goal is to provide cost-effective marketing solutions for their customers.

Theresa: My name’s Theresa Jurisch. I’m a lead security engineer at Thomson Reuters.

Jesse: Hello, my name is Jesse Haraldson, I’m a senior software architect for FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters business.

Theresa: So, as the lead security engineer I get to do anything and everything related to security, which is interesting.

FindLaw’s primary challenge was to be able to maintain the scale and volume needed to onboard thousands of customers and their individual websites.

Jesse: So the major challenge that led us to using Cloudflare, is Google was making some noises around emphasizing SSL sites. They were gonna modify the Chrome browser to mark sites that weren’t SSL as non-secure. We wanted to find a way to at-scale move 8500 sites to SSL reasonably quickly.

Theresa: And doing that to scale, up to speed with our operations it needed to be something that was seamless, it needed to be something that just happened. We had tried a few different things previously and it was not going well and we tried out Cloudflare and it worked, just kind of out of the gate.

Like us, FindLaw cares about making security and performance a priority, not only for their customers, but for their customers’ customers.

Theresa: Faster web performance means having customers who actually continue to sites, it means having customers who maintain and go with the sites

Jesse: 65% of our customers are seeing faster network performance due to Argo, so that’s an extremely important thing.

Theresa: The performance, the accuracy, the speed of that site — fronted by Cloudflare — is super essential in getting that connection made.

Jesse: I like the continued innovation and push that Cloudflare brings.

Theresa: Cloudflare is amazing. Cloudflare is such a relief.

With customers like Thomson Reuters FindLaw and millions of other Internet properties that trust Cloudflare with their security and performance, we’re making the Internet fast, secure, and more reliable for everyone.

Cloudflare: Helping build a better Internet.

FindLaw by Thomson Reuters
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Key Results

• FindLaw rapidly secured 8,500 customer sites with Cloudflare SSL for SaaS

• 65% of FindLaw customers see faster performance thanks to Argo Smart Routing

Cloudflare is amazing... Cloudflare is such a relief.

Theresa Jurisch
Lead Security Engineer, Thomson Reuters