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HTTP/2 is the first major upgrade to the HTTP protocol in over 15 years. Websites have changed dramatically in the interim, with the number of external image, CSS, and JavaScript assets growing by the year. HTTP/1.1 wasn’t designed for this kind of complexity. HTTP/2 is optimized for the modern website, improving performance without complicated hacks like domain sharding and file concatenation.

Adopting HTTP/2 speeds up your website without any changes to your existing codebase. CloudFlare provides free HTTP/2 capabilities with the click of a button.

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HTTP/2 was 0x faster than HTTP/1.1

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Your browser does not support HTTP/2, but it supports SPDY. As CloudFlare supports both, you can still see similar results to HTTP/2 with SPDY.

Sorry, but your browser does not support HTTP/2 or SPDY.

For a list of browsers that do support HTTP/2, check out

This demo loads 200 image slices in both HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2. In HTTP/1.1, the browser has to use many separate TCP connections to load the slices. This incurs a significant amount of overhead because only a small number of images are downloaded in parallel. Curious about how this demo works?

HTTP/2 For Web Developers

HTTP/2 changes the web development best practices of HTTP/1.1. Domain sharding, concatenating files, and inlining assets are no longer necessary for an optimized website. Learn more ›

Debugging HTTP/2

HTTP/2 is a binary format, making debugging more difficult. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to troubleshooting HTTP/2 applications. Learn more ›

Server Push

HTTP/2 Server Push allows a server or edge network to send assets to the browser before it even asks for them. Learn more ›

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