Optimize your website for a better UX

Supercharge your web application delivery with the world’s fastest network

Cloudflare’s application delivery services puts your website within milliseconds of nearly every Internet user, helping you easily diagnose UX issues, optimize caching, and accelerate dynamic content delivery.

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Faster performance

Cloudflare’s global network caches your static content 50 ms of 95% of all Internet users. And our smart routing guides dynamic content over the fastest Internet paths.

Better reliability

Cloudflare’s anycast networking — with network locations in over 320 cities — ensures your users can always access your content.

Simpler management

Cloudflare services are all built to work together out of the box, and are available via an easy-to-use single pane of glass.

How it works

Cloudflare optimizes every aspect of website delivery

Diagnose UX issues
Cloudflare Browser Insights lets you measure performance metrics from the perspective of visitors all over the globe. Our Speed Page tool also generates snapshots of your loading process. And Cloudflare Observatory uses synthetic tests and user data to optimize web performance.

Speed up content delivery
Our industry-leading DNS and content delivery network (CDN) work together automatically to accept requests and serve content from our 320-city network. In addition, our Argo Smart Routing uses Cloudflare network intelligence to steer dynamic content over the fastest Internet paths.

Simplify media delivery and management
Cloudflare Image Optimization and Stream make media delivery seamless. Create bespoke image variants from primary one, optimize mobile images, and deliver live and on-demand video.

Picsart uses Cloudflare to accelerate image delivery

Picsart, a photo editing application provider, anticipated content delivery challenges as their growth outpaced their server capacity.

Thinking proactively, they adopted Cloudflare’s content delivery network. Now, their web assets are being cached and delivered by a powerful 320-city network drawing on industry-leading network intelligence.

With Cloudflare, the load time of our images improved by 2-3x. And on top of that, we’re saving over 50% on our monthly bandwidth usage.”

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