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Magic WAN

Simplifica la adopción de SASE con la conectividad universal
  • Conectividad de red segura y eficaz desde las sucursales, las VPC multinube o los centros de datos a la plataforma SASE de Cloudflare
  • Enfoque "sucursal ligera, nube pesada" para mejorar o en última instancia reemplazar MPLS o SD-WAN

Cloudflare named a "Leader" in 2023 KuppingerCole SASE Leadership Compass

Through its 2023 SASE market analysis, KuppingerCole Analysts AG cited several Cloudflare strengths such as our large globally distributed presence and sophisticated traffic acceleration, massive backbone capacity, 100% uptime guarantee, and innovative Remote Browser Isolation.

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Top use cases

ZT network diagram

Simplify branch connectivity — Facilitate site-to-site connectivity across network locations like branch offices, retail locations, or factory floors, with Anycast-enabled WAN connectors.

Simplify hybrid and multi-cloud connectivity — Use centralized controls to route and secure traffic across varied public cloud environments and on-prem datacenters.

Secure WAN connectivity — Secure connections by applying filters and inspections for traffic between network locations and in/out of the broader Internet.

Scale WAN performance — Augment or eventually replace legacy MPLS or SD-WAN for more agile, cost-effective deployments and faster connections.

ZT network diagram

How it works

  • Purchase the branch connector software pre-installed and configured on a Cloudflare-certified hardware appliance for the lowest-friction deployment.
  • Or, install the software on physical or virtual Linux appliances within your environment.
  • Zero-touch configuration provides automatic connectivity to the closest Cloudflare network location via Anycast-enabled routes and tunnels, leveraging your existing last mile Internet connectivity.
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Built-in security

Magic Firewall

Magic WAN comes with Magic Firewall, a built-in software-defined network firewall part of Cloudflare’s SASE platform that applies packet filters and intrusion detection signatures for ingress and egress traffic. You can also layer in additional security capabilities like DNS filtering, Secure Web Gateway inspection, Remote Browser Isolation, DDoS protection, and more — all converged in Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud.

Magic Firewall

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