Cloudflare Stream

Serverless live and on-demand video streaming
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  • Upload, store, encode and deliver live and on-demand video with one API
  • Stream video instantly from Cloudflare’s global network
  • Start streaming today in less than 5 minutes
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On-demand videos

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Reliable, highly performant on-demand video experience for users across the globe — regardless of connection speed, device, or video formatting.

  • Upload all common video formats: Cloudflare will standardize for playback on any device or connection
  • Generate thumbnail previews: In static or animated formats, with no code required.
  • Monetization: Serve ads before, during or after videos using the Video Advertising Serving Template (VAST) format.
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Live streaming

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The features you need to deliver an exceptional live streaming experience for any number of global users, across a huge variety of connections, devices, and concurrent platforms.

  • Broad compatibility: Use the same RTMP protocol as platforms like YouTube, Twitch and Instagram — or use SRT, the new emerging standard.
  • Painless restreaming: Stream live to Cloudflare, and we’ll handle simulcasting to any destination that supports RTMP or SRT (nearly all video streaming platforms).
  • Automatically recording: Cloudflare Stream automatically records live streams and makes it easy to watch content later
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Simplified pricing of Cloudflare Stream

Streaming a library of 500 GB of HD videos over the course of one month with approximately 72,000 minutes of viewing time to a global market.

Total cost: $78.00/month

Streaming: $72.00 - Streaming costs at a rate of $1 per 1,000 minutes delivered.

Storage: $6.00 - Storage costs are based on 1,200 minutes of video content at $5 per 1,000 minutes stored.

Cloudflare Stream can save you $430.47 every month (or over $5,000 per year) when compared to a cloud provider offering.

  • Free player included

  • No additional costs to serve global users

Start using Cloudflare Stream

Video streaming costs with a typical public cloud provider

Streaming a library of 500 GB of HD videos over the course of one month with approximately 72,000 minutes of viewing time to the Americas, Europe, and Asia (accessing data centers in Brazil, US, UK, and Singapore).

Total cost: $508.47/month

Streaming: $496.97 - Total sum including encoding, CDN, and player costs.

Storage: $11.50

Significantly higher costs (6.5x higher) when building a multi-product solution in the cloud

  • An external open source player needs to be integrated

  • Unexpectedly high additional costs for data egress

  • Varying CDN costs for data center usage across different global regions

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