DDoS Protection + Traffic Acceleration for SSH

Cloudflare Spectrum – now available on the Pro and Business plans

With a rapid acceleration in remote work and a growing risk of cyber threats, ensuring your SSH server is secure and that sessions are fast is critical to employee productivity.

Cloudflare Spectrum protects your SSH server from DDoS attacks of any size and kind. Better yet, SSH sessions are faster over the Cloudflare network than over the Internet.

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Increased uptime with protection from DDoS attacks

If your SSH server is exposed to the Internet, then it is vulnerable to DDoS attacks.

Cloudflare Spectrum protects your servers against DDoS attacks of any kind. With a network mitigation capacity of over 100 Tbps, instant threat detection, and < 10 second time to mitigation (TTM), your SSH server is protected behind one of the world’s largest networks.

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Having to Ctrl + C your slow terminal connection?

How many times have you had to terminate and reinitiate your terminal connection because it was too slow?

Network latency and high load on the SSH server contribute to poor performance of SSH client sessions.

Latency is directly related to the distance between a server and a client in communication. As the distance grows, latency increases. In addition, network congestion, inefficient service provider routing policies, and poor peering practices of residential ISPs contribute to suboptimal end-user experiences for real-time applications such as SSH.

Supercharge your SSH connections over a faster, more reliable network

Cloudflare Spectrum dramatically reduces network latency associated with long-distance client-server connections and other network issues.

Using TCP optimizations, Cloudflare decreases the connection time for sessions and helps reduce latency. TCP connections terminate at the Cloudflare data center closest to the end user, making SSH connections faster and more reliable.

Cloudflare’s network also learns from the traffic to over 26,000,000 Internet properties, enabling machine learning-based intelligent routing around real-time network congestion to deliver a measurable improvement in latency. This routes SSH connection traffic on Cloudflare’s network much faster than on the ‘best-effort’ Internet.

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No hardware or software plug-ins necessary

We make complex problems easy to solve. You can configure Spectrum with a few clicks right from the dashboard or API. There is no hardware to rack and stack and no software to install. Best yet, the only thing your users experience is faster performance.

Onboard with Cloudflare Spectrum within minutes and start accelerating and protecting your server right away.

Cloudflare Spectrum – Availability by plan






5GB monthly data allowance $1/GB overage fees

10GB monthly data allowance $1/GB overage fees


10GB monthly data allowance $1/GB overage fees

5GB monthly data allowance $1/GB overage fees

10GB monthly data allowance $1/GB overage fees

Trusted by approximately 25 million Internet properties

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