Phishing and brand protections are now available for paying customers in Security Center to protect against spoofing and brand impersonation attacks. Learn more

Cloudflare Security Center

Reduce your security risk

Cloudflare Security Center offers attack surface management (ASM) that inventories IT assets, enumerates potential security issues, controls phishing and spoofing risks, and enables security teams to investigate and mitigate threats in a few clicks.

Included in all plans at no charge.

Expanding attack surfaces include
Known assets

Issues in inventoried and managed assets such as the corporate website, servers, and the dependencies running on them.

Unknown assets

Shadow IT or orphaned IT infrastructure like forgotten websites or unsanctioned cloud applications.

Rogue assets

Malicious infrastructure spun up by threat actors such as typosquatted domains, or a website or app impersonating a brand.

Third-party risk

Third-party software risks beyond an organization's direct control like open source vulnerabilities or malicious Javascript.

See and mitigate risk

Cloudflare Security Center
  • Streamlined security risk management to inventory attack surfaces and associated risk
  • Insights to stay ahead of attackers and mitigate vulnerabilities before exploitation
  • Protect brand trust with integrated protections against phishing and brand impersonation
  • Efficient & SOC ready attack surface management so teams & budgets do more
Cloudflare Security Center Capabilities

Inventory and review IT infrastructure assets like domains, ASNs, and IPs.

Security Insights

Manage an always up-to-date list of misconfigurations and risks in Cloudflare IT assets. Mitigate in a few clicks.


Query threat data gathered from the Cloudflare network to better investigate and respond to security risks.

Less risk of brand impersonation

Gain full control over who sends email on your organization's behalf with DMARC Management.

Security Center is included for all customers

More streamlined

Finally, attack surface management already integrated into your security posture - activated in a click.

More actionable

Put insights into action with single-click mitigation.

More efficient

ASM is included for all customers at no charge - easy to deploy and simple to manage.

What is an attack surface?

An attack surface refers to the entire IT footprint of an organization that is susceptible to cyber attacks. Your attack surface consists of all the corporate servers, devices, SaaS, and cloud assets that are accessible from the Internet.

Part of Cloudflare security

  • Keep applications, APIs and web properties secure with integrated application security.

  • Protect remote teams and pivot to zero trust access with our Zero Trust platform.

  • Evolve the WAN and NGFW with cloud-delivered networking security.

  • Pivot to SASE to securely connect users, applications, data centers, and offices with Cloudflare ONE.

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