DNS Firewall

Secure DNS infrastructure against online attacks, increase uptime, and ensure lightning-fast performance with a DNS firewall.

What is a DNS firewall?

A DNS firewall offers security and performance improvements for DNS servers by acting as a protective tool sitting between a user's resolver and the authoritative nameserver.

DNS firewalls are equipped with rate-limiting capabilities to deter potential cyber attacks and ensure continuous service operation, even in cases of server downtime, by delivering DNS responses from cache.

Additionally, DNS firewalls bolster efficiency with faster DNS lookups and cost-effective bandwidth usage.

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Benefits of DNS firewalls

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Integrated security

DNS firewalls natively integrate with DDoS Mitigation and Rate Limiting for best-in-class protection — enabling you to automatically mitigate DDoS attacks and limit the number of queries-per-second that hits your DNS servers.

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Increased availability

Even if your DNS servers are down, DNS firewalls can answer on your behalf by serving a stale answer from cache. That means your website will be available and traffic continues to flow, even when your origin nameservers are compromised.

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Lightning-fast performance

A DNS firewall caches DNS responses at the network edge, ensuring that queries are resolved lightning-fast on every continent and in every major city regardless of origin server location.

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DNS Firewall FAQs

DNS Firewall FAQs