Everywhere Security

Most IT and security architectures are too complex and disjointed to enforce controls everywhere they need to be, slowing down business.

Cloudflare unifies security everywhere across the Internet, employees and corporate network, so you can accelerate growth.

Cloudflare cybersecurity provides everywhere security

Complex & disjointed security creates attack opportunities

Complex & disjointed security creates opportunities for attackers

Defending against cyber attacks has too often required manually stitching together siloed tools with limited visibility and imprecise controls across environments. 

All this complexity has led to overworked teams, widening vulnerabilities, more damaging attacks, and an unsustainable level of resources just to keep up with yesterday’s threats.

Complex & disjointed security creates opportunities for attackers
Attack surfaces are expanding

Hybrid work and modern API-first app development mean more entry points for attackers to target with an ever expanding arsenal of attacks.

Too hard to manage

Outdated and bloated security stacks with too many point solutions make it hard for teams to know how to protect their business.

Innovation outpaces security

Investing in new digital experiences and emerging technologies like AI introduces new risks. Security must evolve alongside business needs.


Simplify and deliver security everywhere with Cloudflare

Simplify your approach and deliver security everywhere with Cloudflare

Regain control and unify security with Cloudflare to protect the Internet, employees, and the corporate network everywhere:

  • Throughout IT environments
  • Across the attack lifecycle
  • Around the world

Enforce protections from one unified, intelligent platform of programmable cloud-native services.

Simplify your approach and deliver security everywhere with Cloudflare

Uniquely enabled by...

One unified & composable platform

Converge web app and API protection (WAAP), security services edge (SSE), email security & more. Adopt new capabilities in any order with limitless interoperability and flexible integrations.

Mass scale threat intelligence

Cloudflare sees more, so you can protect more. Real-time visibility across 20% of the Internet and 2TB DNS queries / day powers AI/ML-back models that defend against emerging threats.

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Built for scale

Every service is available to run locally across our 310 network locations in over 120 countries. Single-pass inspection and policy enforcement is always fast, consistent, and resilient.

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Lifecycle of a cyberattack

Point solutions with traditional flat network architectures make it easier for threat actors across the cyberattack lifecycle:

1. Discover

Attackers begin by discovering some vulnerability in your attack surface.

2. Compromise

Attackers then exploit a vulnerability or security gap to gain a foothold in your IT environment.

Lateral movement icon: 128x128
3. Lateral movement

Once inside, attackers often need to move laterally within your environment to reach their desired target.

4. Exfil / extort

After getting where they want to go, attackers leave with your money or data - or leave your business in disarray via sabotage.


Everywhere Security

Cloudflare helps organizations across every stage of the attack lifecycle by offering a single composable platform and network to connect and protect their users, apps, and networks, across any endpoint or infrastructure in any location

Minimize attack surface - 128x128
1. Minimize attack surface

Minimize attack surface by hiding customer IP addresses, configurations, and IT assets.

2. Prevent initial compromise

Protect the entire corporate network and everything a customer connects to the Internet with L3-L7 services.

3. Eliminate lateral movement

Eliminate lateral movement with the Zero Trust best practices of default-deny and least-privilege.

Stop Exfiltration / extort icon
4. Stop exfiltration & extortion

Regain visibility and control over data to stop exfiltration, fraud, and mitigate exposure risk.

Ready to unify security everywhere?