Unified risk posture

A CISO’s guide to reducing risk and complexity
As attack surfaces continue to expand, managing cyber risk is becoming too complex: Security teams are slowed down by too many siloed tools, too many signals, and too much manual effort to assess, prioritize, and mitigate risk.
This CISO guide outlines a simpler approach that unifies key stages of risk posture management on one platform. Specifically, this unified approach streamlines how businesses can evaluate risk dynamically, exchange risk signals between their existing tools, and enforce controls across evolving IT environments.
Download this CISO guide to learn how to mitigate more risk with less effort. Explore:
  • How to score risk dynamically across people and apps
  • How to do more with the security technologies you already use, including your EPP, IdP, SIEM, and XDR tools
  • How to simplify how you protect your expanding attack surface by converging Security Service Edge (SSE) and web application and API (WAAP) controls on one platform
Risk posture hero

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