Cloudflare Bot Management

Stop bad bots by leveraging smart data

Undetected malicious bots can damage your brand, steal sensitive information, take over accounts, and negatively impact your revenue.

Now you can manage good and bad bots in real-time with speed and accuracy by harnessing the data from Cloudflare’s more than 16 million Internet properties.

All with one click.

"Cloudflare Bot Management gives us peace of mind as we scale our business. Our team can focus on creating value for our clients instead of dealing with bots! We now have a better experience for our clients with reduced spam, account takeovers, and malicious activity."
Leonard Teo

The Cloudflare Difference

Smart Data

Learns from traffic to more than 16 million Internet properties around the world. Applies machine learning and behavioral analysis to accurately and proactively identify bots.


Integrates seamlessly with Cloudflare's DDoS, WAF, and CDN to ensure complete protection without sacrificing speed.

Complete without Complexity

Protects against a full range of bot attacks with a single click. No Javascript injection required.

We Stop Bots

Credential Stuffing

Exposes your application to account takeovers and breaches of sensitive customer data

Content Scraping

Hurts your site's SEO ranking and increases margin pressures from competitors

Content Spam

Pollutes your data and creates a bad customer experience with malicious content

Inventory Hoarding

Damages your brand and jeopardizes your relationship with suppliers

Credit Card Stuffing

Puts your ability to accept payments at risk

Application DDoS

Slows sites for visitors while wasting bandwidth and compute resources

Detection Methods

Cloudflare enables you to manage bots with speed and accuracy by applying several detection methods at every one of our 180 data centers.

Machine Learning

Cloudflare’s Machine Learning trains on a curated subset of hundreds of billions of requests per day across 16 million Internet properties to create a reliable bot score for every request.

Behavioral Analysis

Cloudflare analyzes behavior and detects anomalies in your Internet property's specific traffic, scoring every request by how different it is from the baseline.

Automatic Whitelists

Cloudflare allows good bots, such as those belonging to search engines, to keep reaching your site while preventing malicious traffic.

Mobile Application Endpoint Protection

Cloudflare protects your mobile applications from impersonation and emulation attacks.

One-Click Deployment

With a single click, deploy a fast and accurate bot management solution without complex configuration or maintenance. Cloudflare Bot Management will automatically recommend rules that leverage machine learning and behavioral analysis to manage bots out-of-the-box. No instrumentation with third-party JavaScript required.

Rich Analytics and Logs

Improve your security posture through insights from viewing time-series graphs with drill-downs. Create your own dashboards that correlate bot management traffic logs with your other data sources by using third-party tools such as SIEMs or business intelligence applications.

Control and Configurability

Tune bot management rules to fit your specific needs by scoping them based on path or URI pattern, request method, score sensitivities, and mitigation methods, such as log, CAPTCHA, or block. Use a visual rule builder or write your own pattern-matching rules.

Key Features

One-click deployment

Time-series analytics into attack trends

User-agent agnostic behavioral analysis

User-defined sensitivities for identifying bot requests

User-defined mitigations, including log, CAPTCHA, and block

Configurable bot management rules based on path, URI, cookie, and user agent string

Mobile application endpoint protection

Seamless integration with Cloudflare DDoS, WAF, and CDN

JavaScript injection not required

Automatically updated whitelist of good bots

Machine learning on high volume of diverse data

"Using machine learning across millions of websites, Cloudflare was able to immediately identify unauthorized bots that were abusing our website. Their mitigation strategies block bots without impacting real users - our false-positive rate is now less than 0.01%."
Tony Bruess

Trusted by over 16,000,000 Internet properties, in any industry, including: