Cloudflare + Kubernetes

Multi-Cloud, Federated Kubernetes Made Easy
Deploying applications using containers provides an effective way to ensure that application code runs in a consistent, lightweight, and portable environment. While this solution works effectively for applications running in the same cloud it has been difficult to scale out to take advantage of the benefits provided by having multiple cloud providers.
Using the Cloudflare® Load Balancer or Argo Tunnel™ Ingress Controller in conjunction with Kubernetes®, developers can ensure applications benefit from cluster management across clouds. Together, Cloudflare’s multi-cloud solution and Kubernetes lead to improved application availability and reduced costs, while also providing a unified security and performance control plane.
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Run Kubernetes Across Clouds

Diagram of Cloudflare Load Balancer for Kubernetes clusters

The Cloudflare Load Balancer provides traffic routing and failover for Kubernetes clusters across clouds and regions. To get started and take advantage of the improved availability, control, and visibility follow the step by step guide here.

Diagram of Cloudflare Load Balancer for Kubernetes clusters

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