Cloudflare Developer Platform

Unleash innovation: build and deploy applications anywhere

The Cloudflare Developer Platform offers everything your teams need to deliver serverless applications. Compute, storage, and services to deploy your full-stack applications including image optimization, and video streaming.

The Cloudflare Difference

Drive better end user experiences

Automatically deploy code to all 285 global locations, with better application performance as it executes within approximately 50ms of 95% of the Internet-connected global population.

Innovate and accelerate

Improve developer productivity and skip time-wasting deployment steps. Developers get a straight line from writing code to production deployment. Eliminate sys-admin concerns today.

Transparent and competitive pricing

Reduce costs with generous free tiers, transparent pricing, and no egress fees.

Compute Solutions

Build applications on the Cloudflare network

Run workloads in response to events and automatically manage the computing resources necessary to execute the code.

Cloudflare Workers

Deploy serverless code instantly across the globe to give it exceptional performance, reliability, and scale.

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Cloudflare Email Routing

Create and manage custom email addresses for your domain.

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Store your data on the Cloudflare network

Storage solutions to meet your needs from storing session state to objects.

R2 Object Storage

Create multi-cloud architectures with an S3-compatible distributed object storage

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Workers KV

Build highly dynamic APIs and sites which respond as quickly as a cached static file would with our key-value store.

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Durable Objects

Build stateful edge applications, such as chat rooms, shopping carts, or whiteboards, with a strongly consistent data store.

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Website Development

Build blazing fast websites on the Cloudflare network

Give developers access to the best tooling possible to build, debug, and diagnose on the Cloudflare platform.

Pages (JAMstack)

Create full-stack applications that are instantly deployed to the Cloudflare global network. Deployment requires minimal configuration with many decisions made automatically allowing you to innovate faster.

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Ingest, encode, record, and play live or on-demand videos.

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Build a highly scalable image pipeline to resize, optimize, store, and deliver images.

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