In this video, you'll learn how Cloudflare is helping Falabella — one of the largest retailers in Latin America — transform its successful legacy business for the digital age.

Video Transcript

VO: Hi, we’re Cloudflare. We’re building one of the world’s largest Global Cloud Networks to help make the Internet faster, more secure, and more reliable.

Meet our customer, Falabella. They are South America's largest department store chain - with over a hundred locations and operations in over six countries.

Santiago Lira: I am a Development Manager for Falabella.com. Within my responsibilities it falls to continually improve all technology platforms.

Karan Tewari: My name is Karan Tewari. I work as a lead architect in ADESSA eCommerce at Falabella.

Like many other retailers in the industry, Falabella is in the midst of a digital transformation to evolve their business culture to maintain their competitive advantage and to better serve their customers.

Santiago: We have a store legacy that we have to adapt to the digital culture. A logistics legacy, an operations legacy — a legacy that works very well in-store and has performed splendidly, but the challenge now is to transform it.

Cloudflare was an important step towards not only accelerating their website properties but also increasing their organization’s operational efficiencies and agility.

Santiago: Then, the question of Cloudflare for example, it was not only an IT decision, it was also a business decision. In other words, how much faster can we deliver data to our clients? How much faster, how much less time and loading seconds can we improve for our site? It means internalizing it as a business metric. That is, to really understand later that performance, or that one second in the time a page loads, are sales. In other words, a loss in terms of client data means a loss of confidence.

Karan: So I think we are looking at better agility, better response time in terms of support. Better operational capabilities. Earlier for a cache purge it used to take around two hours. Today it takes around 20 milliseconds, 30 milliseconds to do a cache purge. Our homepage loads faster, your first view is much faster. It’s fast.

Cloudflare plays an important role in safeguarding customer information and improving the efficiencies of all of their web properties.

Santiago: Cloudflare, for me, is the perfect example of how to deliver value to clients quickly. The big challenge now is to build the culture and lay the foundation to allow the teams or whomever do their job for the next 5 or 10 years.

With customers like Falabella -- and over 25 million other domains that trust Cloudflare with their security and performance -- we’re making the Internet fast, secure, and reliable for everyone. Cloudflare: Helping build a better Internet.

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Key Results

• Falabella leverages Cloudflare to help transform its highly successful legacy business for the digital age

• Cloudflare has delivered major gains in performance and efficiency. Previously a cache purge would take hours — it now takes milliseconds

We are looking at better agility, better response time in terms of support. Better operational capabilities... Our homepage loads faster, your first view is much faster. It’s fast.

Karan Tewari
Manager, Platform Engineering, Falabella Ecommerce