Protect teams with Zero Trust Browsing

Cloudflare’s Browser Isolation service makes web browsing safer and faster for your business, and it works with native browsers.

Web browsers are more complex and sophisticated than ever before. They’re also one of your biggest attack surfaces.

Cloudflare Browser Isolation is a Zero Trust browsing service. It runs in the cloud away from your networks and endpoints, insulating devices from attacks.

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What makes protecting employees from Internet threats so difficult?

SWG policies are too restrictive, or too relaxed

No secure web gateway can possibly block every threat on the Internet. In an attempt to limit risks, IT teams block too many websites, and employees feel overly restricted.

Malicious content is difficult to spot and costly to remediate

Innocuous webmail attachments, plugins, and software extensions can disguise harmful code. Once that code travels from a user’s browser to their device, it can compromise sensitive data and infect other network devices.

IT teams have limited power to manage browser activity

Organizations often do not have full visibility into or control over the browsers their teams use, keeping them from meeting compliance standards and securing the users, devices, and data on their network.

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Attacks will strike. Mitigate the impact.

Browser Isolation executes all browser code in the cloud, instead of on the endpoint. When users inevitably run into Internet threats, Zero Trust browsing stops malware from infecting their devices and causing chaos in your network.

Not your average remote browser.

Legacy remote browsers send a slow and clunky version of a web page to the user. Cloudflare draws an exact replica of the page on the user’s device, and then delivers that replica so quickly it feels like a regular browser.

Ready to get started? Add Browser Isolation to any paid Zero Trust plan.

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Verify. Filter. Inspect. Isolate.

With Cloudflare Zero Trust, administrators set Zero Trust browsing rules in the same place they design Zero Trust application access policies. Filtering, inspection and isolation rules are applied in one lightning-fast single pass inspection architecture, with minimal latency.

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Browser Isolation is now natively integrated in the Cloudflare Zero Trust policy builder, allowing administrators to allow, block, or isolate any security or content category and application group. Integrates with groups from your identity provider for user and team-based isolation policies. Organizatins of any size can sign up now.