Reporting abuse

The primary way to report abuse to Cloudflare is by using the abuse reporting form linked to from this page. Our automated systems and team is designed to ensure that your report is acted upon promptly. Cloudflare is generally unable to process complaints submitted to us by email. If you email us a complaint, you will likely receive an automated response directing you to use the abuse reporting form instead.

Which category of abuse to select

When you file a report with Cloudflare, you’ll want to select the appropriate category on the reporting form. If Cloudflare’s IP address appears in the WHOIS and DNS records for a website, use one of the following categories, as appropriate:

  • Copyright Infringement & DMCA Violations

  • Trademark Infringement

  • Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)

  • Non-Consensual Sexually Explicit Imagery (NCSEI)

  • Violent Threats and Harassment

  • Phishing & Malware

  • General

For reports of a sensitive nature, including reports of human trafficking, use the "Violent Threats and Harassment" option.

The General category should be used for other unlawful or harmful content not otherwise listed.

To report abuse of a domain name or other concerns specifically related to our registrar services, use one of the “Registrar -” categories, as appropriate:

  • Registrar - Trademark Complaint (UDRP)

  • Registrar - Inaccurate WHOIS

  • Registrar - General Complaint

If Cloudflare is listed as the registrar on an ICANN WHOIS listing, you also can email reports related to our registrar services to, although submitting reports through our online system is the best way to ensure a prompt response.

What information to include in your report

Please be sure to fill out each field requested in the form and be as specific as possible regarding the content and its location on the website. We are generally unable to process reports that do not identify a specific URL associated with the content at issue. Please do not submit an abuse report that only references a domain name unless it pertains to a Registrar category. If you are seeking to report an image or video, please submit the URL specific to the image or video. Instructions on how to identify specific URLs can be found here. For some report categories, you may select whether you would like us to share the report with the website operator, hosting provider, or both. You must select at least one recipient for your report to be processed.

How to keep your report anonymous from third parties

You will have the option to report abuse anonymously from third parties if you are making a report under the categories of "Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)", "Violent Threats and Harassment" , or "General”. If you choose to make your report anonymously, we will not share your personal information with third parties such as the relevant hosting provider or the website operator.

Please be aware that withholding your personal information may limit the ability of the website operator and hosting provider to effectively follow up on your complaint.

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