Child safety

Illustration of family of three sitting on a couch looking at a computer.

We at Cloudflare know that parenting in the digital age can be challenging. To help do our part, we are focused on building tools that empower our customers to make their own websites safer and that allow families to protect their children when they access the Internet.

Illustration of family of three sitting on a couch looking at a computer.

Helping our customers address online child exploitation

Cloudflare is committed to helping website operators keep their sites free from child sexual abuse material. We’ve seen too many instances where website operators intending to do the right thing are caught off guard by a user who uploads child sexual abuse material (CSAM) or a malicious employee who stores it on their servers. We created our CSAM Scanning Tool to help our customers address this issue. Once enabled, the CSAM Scanning Tool identifies potential CSAM material on a website using fuzzy hashing technology, takes steps to block that content from being accessed, helps ensure the customer reports the content to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and notifies the customer so that they can take appropriate additional steps. Learn more. for Families

In addition to helping website operators protect their sites, Cloudflare also provides tools to help safeguard the Internet experience for families and children at home. Our secure, fast, privacy-first DNS resolver,, is free for anyone to use. And with for Families, users can get the same privacy-first DNS resolver with added filtering to protect their homes from malware and adult content. for Families is one more way we’re helping to build a better and safer Internet for children.

Addressing reports of CSAM on websites using our services

Cloudflare encourages anyone who finds CSAM on a website using our services to make a report to us, so that we take steps to work with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) and others to help get that content removed from the Internet.

Working with child safety organizations and law enforcement

Cloudflare regularly works with law enforcement to respond to requests for information as part of their investigations related to CSAM or exploitation of a minor. We also have developed a trusted reporter program that supports CSAM investigations by allowing nearly 60 child safety organizations around the world to get access to sensitive origin IP address information we cannot otherwise make available due to security concerns. Participants in the trusted reporter program include groups like the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), the INHOPE Association, the Australian eSafety Commission, and Meldpunt.