Protect teams with Cloudflare Browser Isolation

Cloudflare Browser Isolation makes web browsing safer and faster, and it works with your native browser.

Web browsers are more complex and sophisticated than ever before. They’re also one of your biggest attack surfaces.

Cloudflare Browser Isolation is a browser isolation solution that runs in the cloud away from your networks and endpoints. Your employees experience a faster and safer experience without being vulnerable to malware or Internet attacks, regardless of the browser they use on their device.

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How do browser vulnerabilities impact your workforce?

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Endpoints are susceptible to zero-day attacks

Zero-day attacks — the act of exploiting unpatched software vulnerabilities — are nearly impossible for companies to detect and prevent before they occur.

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Malicious content is difficult to spot and costly to remediate with distributed teams

Innocuous email attachments, plugins, and software extensions can disguise harmful code. Once that code travels from a user’s browser to their device, it can compromise sensitive data and infect other network devices.

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IT teams have limited power to manage browser activity

Organizations often do not have full visibility into or control over the browsers their teams use, keeping them from meeting compliance standards and securing the users, devices, and data on their network.

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Stop zero-day attacks before they strike

With a remote browser isolation (RBI) solution in place, malware never reaches your remote users’ corporate endpoints — helping you deflect zero-day exploits before they impact your users and devices.

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Don’t let malware infect your network

Prevent browser exploits and mitigate data breaches well before they reach user devices or spread to the corporate network. Cloudflare's broad threat intelligence from our global network means we are often one of the first organizations to identify and mitigate malware risks.

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Make informed security decisions

Your IT department can’t protect what they can’t see. A cloud-based browser isolation platform gives them greater visibility into and control over each user’s actions, allowing them to better meet compliance regulations, detect malicious links and redirects, block malware downloads, and more.

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How Cloudflare protects your team’s browsers

Cloudflare Browser Isolation is a remote browser isolation service that works with any browser and isolates remote users’ corporate endpoints from threats and zero-day attacks on the Internet. It runs on Cloudflare’s global network of 200+ data centers, enabling content to render quickly while shielding your organization from browser exploits, malicious code, malware, and other vulnerabilities.


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