Cloudflare for DigitalOcean's Hatch Startups Service Agreement

Pursuant to Cloudflare's program with Hatch, the Service shall be provided to Customer gratis until the first anniversary of the Service Date (the "Gratis Period"). During the Gratis Period, the Service shall only include: one (1) domain, one (1) custom SSL certificate, up to fifty (50) custom WAF rules, forty million (40 million) Cloudflare Workers requests per month, fifty (50) Cloudflare Access seats, five hundred thousand (500,000) streamed minutes per month with Cloudflare Stream, and priority support via e-mail, and telephone support limited to emergencies (collectively, the "Product Limits"). During the Gratis Period, the Service shall not include any other product or feature, including account management, 24/7 enterprise telephone support, any service level agreement, Cloudflare logs, edge-side code support or Cloudflare Workers support. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any products or usage beyond the Product Limits, including any incremental domains, service upgrades, or additional support requirements, may incur additional Fees. Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 11.1 of the Terms of Service, this Agreement shall only renew for a subsequent Renewal Term following the Gratis Period by mutual written consent of the Parties. Cloudflare shall be permitted to use Customer's name in connection with proposals to prospective customers, to hyperlink from Cloudflare's website to Customer's home page, to display Customer's logo on Cloudflare's website, and to otherwise refer to Customer in print or electronic form for marketing or reference purposes. Customer agrees to serve as a reference in Cloudflare's proposals for contact by prospective customers and analysts. Customer agrees to participate in a case study on its use of Cloudflare’s Service, which shall be authored by Cloudflare.

Plan Details:

  • 20 TB cap

  • 20 Million HTTP requests cap

  • Unmetered mitigation of DDoS attacks with network prioritization

  • Global CDN

  • 100-page rules

  • Mobile acceleration

  • Image optimization

  • Advanced web application firewall (WAF) with 50 custom rulesets

  • Role-based account access

  • 24/7/365 Email Support

  • 100% Uptime

  • Workers: Up to 50 million requests per month

  • Stream: 500,000 streamed minutes per month and 50,000 minutes of video storage

  • Cloudflare Access

  • Up to 50 seats

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