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Cloudflare Bot Management

Stop bad bots while moving beyond CAPTCHAs

Undetected malicious bots can damage your brand, steal sensitive information, take over accounts, and negatively impact your revenue.

Now you can manage good and bad bots in real-time with speed and accuracy by harnessing the data from the millions of Internet properties on Cloudflare.

All with quick and easy deployment or as part of our SOC-as-a-service offering.

Manage bots with speed and accuracy by applying several detection methods

Behavioral Analysis

Cloudflare analyzes behavior and detects anomalies in your Internet property's specific traffic, scoring every request by how different it is from the baseline.

Machine Learning

Cloudflare’s Machine Learning trains on a curated subset of hundreds of billions of requests per day to create a reliable bot score for every request.


Cloudflare uses fingerprinting from millions of Internet properties to accurately classify bots. They do not generate or store device fingerprints, eliminating the risk of user privacy being compromised.

We Stop Bots

Credential Stuffing

Exposes your application to account takeovers and breaches of sensitive customer data

Content Scraping

Hurts your site's SEO ranking and increases margin pressures from competitors

Content Spam

Pollutes your data and creates a bad customer experience with malicious content

Inventory Hoarding

Damages your brand and jeopardizes your relationship with suppliers

Credit Card Stuffing

Puts your ability to accept payments at risk

Application DDoS

Slows sites for visitors while wasting bandwidth and compute resources

A Future without CAPTCHAs

Cloudflare is leading the world to a future without CAPTCHAs. We have developed effective new ways to challenge bots without the frustrations of solving CAPTCHAs.

We uniquely call on Private Access Tokens, a new open source standard for an invisible, privacy-first way for users to prove they are real using Apple devices – without CAPTCHAs or PII collection.

Bot Management is part of SOC-as-a-service

Simple Deployment

Deploy a fast and accurate bot management solution without complex configuration or maintenance. Cloudflare Bot Management will automatically recommend rules to manage bots out-of-the-box. No instrumentation with third-party JavaScript required.

Lowest Latency

Cloudflare Bot Management delivers ultra low-latency bot defenses, with median latency of 0.3 milliseconds or less. Our bot management performance keeps applications in the fast lane.

Rich Analytics and Logs

Improve your security posture by understanding, analyzing, and learning from automated traffic in the dashboard with Bot Analytics. Create your own dashboards that correlate bot management traffic logs with your other data sources by using third-party tools such as SIEMs or business intelligence applications.

Control and Configurability

Tune bot management rules to fit your specific needs by scoping them based on path or URI pattern, request method, score sensitivities, and mitigation methods, such as log, challenge, or block. Use a visual rule builder or write your own pattern-matching rules.

Sophisticated Protection Against Bad Bots

Threat Intelligence At-Scale

Accurately identify bots by applying behavioral analysis, machine learning and fingerprinting to a diverse and vast volume of globally distributed data.

Integrated Security and Performance

Cloudflare’s Bot Management solution seamlessly integrates with its WAF, DDoS and CDN products, enhancing security, user experience, and performance.

Complete Without Complexity

Instant deployment and protection against a full range of bot attacks without Javascript injection and mobile SDK.

Automatic Allowlists

Allows good bots, such as those belonging to search engines, to keep reaching your site while preventing malicious traffic.

Mobile App and API Protection

Protects your mobile applications from impersonation and emulation attacks without using mobile SDK. The solution also protects APIs that are accessed via web browsers.

Configuration Flexibility

Granular rules, user-defined mitigations and unique actions beyond the industry standard like render a mock-login or alternative pricing page to thwart bots.

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Forrester named Cloudflare a “Strong Performer” in bot management

Cloudflare was named a ‘Strong Performer’ in the 2022 Forrester Wave™ report for bot management. In particular, Cloudflare received the highest possible scores in five evaluation criteria:

  • Product Vision
  • Threat Research
  • Accessible UI and Documentation
  • Number of Customers
  • Innovation Roadmap
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World-class application security from Cloudflare

The Cloudflare web application firewall (WAF) is the cornerstone of our advanced application security portfolio that keeps applications and APIs secure and productive, thwarts DDoS attacks, keeps bots at bay, detects anomalies and malicious payloads, all while monitoring for browser supply chain attacks.

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