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Chadd G Creative is a full-service creative agency, based in Los Angeles, California. With a focus on branded eCommerce the agency’s partners reach an audience of over 30 million followers. “We are vertically integrated to offer product development, product manufacturing, web design/development, marketing, paid advertising, fulfillment, and customer service,” explained Chadd Gorney. “Our customers, like hip-hop artist Hopsin, reach audiences of millions of followers and our goal is to optimize sales funnels on these eCommerce sites through smart web development. Subscribing to the theory of least resistance, we design sites to be as fast as possible with 100% uptime. Slow sites don’t fit into our model.”

Chadd G Creative’s Challenge: Protecting Customer Sites Without Losing Performance

“With our previous provider we were having issues with DDoS attacks on our client websites,” noted Gorney. “These attacks are frustrating because they’re hard to stop without outside support, they slow sites down or even bring them entirely offline, and ultimately can cost our clients tens of thousands of dollars in a single day.” So, Gorney and team set out to find a vendor that would protect their customers sites without sacrificing their as-fast-as-possible methodology.

Chadd G Creative’s Solution: All-in-One Performance & Security

“Cloudflare was highly recommended to us by our new server administrator, so it was the first vendor we looked at actually” Gorney related. Now Cloudflare’s best-in-class DDoS mitigation blocks every attack aimed at the agency’s customer sites. Cloudflare’s DDoS mitigation works by distributing traffic across data centers in 320+ cities that comprise the network. With 280 Tbps capacity Cloudflare’s DDoS mitigation can withstand the largest attacks seen to date, ensuring that Chadd G Creative sites are always protected and online.


Furthermore, by switching to Cloudflare, Chadd G Creative continued pursuing “the fastest sites possible” for their customers, with Cloudflare’s managed DNS and CDN services. Cloudflare runs the largest, fastest managed DNS service in the world, making the DNS lookups for Chadd G Creative customers lightning-fast. Plus, Cloudflare makes DNS easy: "another major benefit to me is managing all of my clients DNS from one location. Having 55 Godaddy accounts would have been a nightmare to deal with," said Gorney. In addition to the improved DNS performance, Cloudflare’s CDN is now caching and serving Chadd G Creative’s customer content from globally distributed data centers. This distribution of content serves to minimize geographic latency to the agency’s customers’ end users, meaning a faster, more enjoyable experience. Plus, by serving content directly from the cache, Cloudflare’s CDN dramatically reduces bandwidth costs. Gorney concluded, “with Cloudflare our sites take less than a second to load and our bandwidth costs are significantly reduced.”

Chadd G Creative
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Key Results

DDoS Protection keeps sites online and prevents customers from losing signficant revenue

Offers Customers faster sites through Cloudflare's CDN and DNS

With Cloudflare we have an easy, fast, and powerful solution that gives us the peace of mind that our customer’s sites are safe and performant.

Chadd Gorney