Cloudforce One

Unparalleled threat intelligence from the Cloudflare global network

Cloudforce One combines our visibility into real-time attack traffic with a world-class threat research team for unmatched operational threat intelligence.

We process 57 million HTTP requests per second and 35 million DNS queries per second on average, giving you a comprehensive view of current threats.

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Insights on threats

Make faster, more informed decisions based on industry-specific attack data from the Cloudflare global network, which is used as a reverse proxy by nearly 20% of all websites.*

Actionable threat intelligence

Incorporate differentiated, finished threat intelligence (STIX/TAXII feeds) into your security tools.

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Faster, more in-depth investigations

Speed up threat investigations with instant threat queries for context on IPs, domains, ASNs, URLs, and more. Or directly access our experts: RFIs are available for bespoke threat intelligence reports.

Disrupt attacks

On-demand sinkholes prevent connections to command-and-control servers. Brand and phishing protection identifies domains created for phishing with your brand.


Threat intelligence no one else has

Threat hunting with insights from Cloudlare’s 2.5M+ customers and presence in 200+ cities around the world.

We run our threat data, collected from our vast global network that spans 320 cities, through layers of analytics and threat models to refine it into actionable threat intelligence, ready to be ingested into security tools.

Cloudforce One also calls on a world-class team of researchers with expertise analyzing and stopping nation-state and commercial-state cyber actors.

Threat hunting with insights from Cloudlare’s 2.5M+ customers and presence in 200+ cities around the world.

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What our customers are saying

"Cloudflare helps my teams get at the data and the truth without having to pivot between tools. By consolidating our security under Cloudflare, we can automate and move much faster than a potential attacker."

Director of Cyber Security — Werner Enterprises

Top Cloudforce One use cases

Cloudforce One packages the vital aspects of modern threat intelligence and operations to make organizations smarter, more responsive, and more secure

Threat briefings

Interact directly with our experts for insights on threats to your business, including research on nation-state and commercial-state adversaries.

Brand and phishing protections

Preserve brand trust by identifying “confusable” domains designed to imitate your brand in phishing attacks.

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Industry-specific security insights

Obtain the latest on the attackers and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) targeting your industry.

Helping organizations worldwide protect themselves from attacks

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