Preemptively stop phishing attacks

Secure user inboxes, adopt a proactive security posture, and save time on email security operations.

Cloudflare Area 1 is a cloud-native email security platform. It crawls the Internet to stop phishing, Business Email Compromise (BEC), and email supply chain attacks at the earliest stages of the attack cycle.

Area 1 enhances built-in security from cloud email providers with deep integrations into Microsoft and Google environments and workflows.

Area 1 email security

The expanding phishing attack surface

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Deloitte research has found that 91% of all cyber attacks begin with a phishing email.

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The FBI received ~324,000 phishing and related complaints in 2021, a 34% YoY increase.

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Gartner estimates that 45% of organizations will have experienced attacks on their software supply chains by 2025.

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The FBI received 19,954 BEC and email account takeover complaints in 2021 with adjusted losses of $2.4 billion.

Stop phishing attacks before they cause damage

Stop phishing attacks before they cause damage.
  • Proactively hunt for attacker infrastructure and campaigns with our massive-scale phish indexing.
  • Uncover new tactics used by malicious actors to block phishing in real-time, versus waiting days or weeks for signature updates.
  • Accurately detect and contain low-volume targeted phish without requiring large attack sample volumes.
  • Discover email fraud attempts — often conducted over multiple conversations — even when no malware is present.
  • Get visibility into compromised accounts and domains, as well as new, lookalike, and proximity domains impersonating your brand.
Stop phishing attacks before they cause damage.

Seamlessly fits into any email security stack

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  • Deploy in minutes without any hardware, agents, or appliances.
  • Choose the deployment option best for your organization — inline, API, or multi-mode.
  • Extend email protection to your chosen vendors and partners.
  • Expedite SOC investigations with post-delivery message retractions and integrations with SIEM/SOAR platforms.
Area 1 Product Page - Inline Deployment

Want to trial Area 1 on your live email production traffic?

A cut above traditional email gateways

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Scans the Internet for attacker infrastructure, sources, and delivery mechanisms to stop phishing attacks days before they hit the inbox.

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Covers the full range of email attack types (URLs, payloads, BEC), vectors (email, web, network), and attack channels (external, internal, trusted partners).

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Analyzes content, context, and social graphs of email communications to stop “needle in the haystack” email threats like long-con BEC and vendor invoice fraud.

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Enforces multiple layers of protection before, during, and after the email hits the inbox for defense-in-depth.

Key features

In-the-wild discovery of attacker infrastructure and phishing campaigns
Protection against all 4 Gartner-defined BEC attack types
Both heuristic-based and ML-based detection techniques to ensure broadest possible threat coverage
Protection against web-based phishing campaigns through a globally distributed, recursive DNS service
Deep integrations with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace environments and workflows
Multi-mode deployment with flexible options including inline, API, journaling, and connectors
Automated and managed phishing triage and remediation
Cloud-native architecture built to dynamically scale and ensure business continuity


Solution & Product Guides

Cloudflare Area 1 datasheet

Learn how you can preemptively protect your users against phishing, Business Email Compromise (BEC), and email supply chain attacks.

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Why we acquired Area 1

Read the rationale behind Cloudflare’s acquisition of Area 1 from our CTO.

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Democratizing email security

Read our Security Week announcement to give all paid self-serve plans access to Area 1 email security technology at no additional charge.

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Expanding Zero Trust with email security

Watch our on-demand webinar covering phishing trends and why email security is critical to Zero Trust.


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