Cloudflare WordPress Plugin

Cloudflare’s free plugin for WordPress accelerates page load speeds, improves SEO, and protects against DDoS attacks and WordPress-specific vulnerabilities.

The WordPress plugin for Cloudflare offers all of the benefits of Cloudflare, with a one-click installation of settings specifically developed for the WordPress platform.

60% Increase in Page Load Speeds For WordPress Websites Using Cloudflare.

Key Features

One-click setup
WordPress web application firewall (WAF) rulesets
Automatic cache purge on website updates

Benefits of Cloudflare’s WordPress Plugin

Automatic Platform Optimization (APO)

Take your WordPress site’s performance to the next level with Automatic Platform Optimizations (APO). APO allows Cloudflare to serve your entire WordPress site from its edge network ensuring consistent, fast performance for visitors no matter where they are. Find out more in our announcement blog.

Web Application Firewall (WAF) Rulesets

Cloudflare’s web application firewall (WAF), available on all of Cloudflare’s paid plans, has built-in rulesets specifically built to mitigate against WordPress threats and vulnerabilities. Cloudflare’s WAF provides confidence that your website is always protected, even against the latest threats and vulnerabilities targeting WordPress websites.

Automatic Cache Purge on Website Updates

Cloudflare’s plugin for WordPress automatically refreshes the Cloudflare cache upon making changes to your website appearance. This means that you can focus on your website, while we take care of ensuring that the freshest content is always available to your visitors

Mixed Content Fixes with Automatic HTTPS Rewrites

Automatic HTTPS Rewrites safely eliminates mixed content issues on your WordPress website, while enhancing performance and security by rewriting insecure URLs dynamically from known(secure) hosts to their secure counterpart. By enforcing a secure connection, Automatic HTTPS Rewrites enables your WordPress website to take advantage of the latest security standards and web optimization features only available over HTTPS. The Automatic HTTPS Rewrites toggle can be found in the dashboard of Cloudflare's plugin for WordPress.

Improving SEO For WordPress

Cloudflare's plugin improves SEO for WordPress thanks to performance and security improvements. Google has announced that they prioritize fast-loading pages as well as pages using security features like SSL in their search algorithm

SSL For WordPress

Cloudflare offers free SSL certificates for WordPress users. With SSL for WordPress you can secure data being transferred between your website and your visitors. Secure websites are looked positively upon by both users and search engines.

DDoS Protection For WordPress

Distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks are among the most common threats to websites. Enabling Cloudflare's free DDoS protection for WordPress uses tools like rate limiting to protect your website from attackers.

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