Megalayer uses Cloudflare to deliver fast, uninterrupted network services to customers from China and Southeast Asia who are expanding abroad

Founded in 2019, Megalayer is a global telecom value-added service provider for cross-border e-commerce enterprises all around the world. Megalayer provides Internet services, IDC services, server leasing, and more. Their data centers are available in several regions, including Japan, Korea, USA, HK (China), Singapore, and the Philippines.

Challenge: Provide quality and stable network services for customers going abroad

Expanding abroad, especially for Chinese Internet companies, is a way to explore new growth opportunities, especially in the fast-paced era of digital transformation. Megalayer was established to provide Chinese companies expanding abroad with more convenient and efficient value-added telecom services. Currently, Megalayer's users are concentrated in China and Southeast Asia.

The difference between Megalayer and other telecom value-added service providers is its sophisticated and fast-action professional services. Regardless of customer needs, from general resources to line quality to protection issues, Megalayer can respond within 72 hours and ensure their customers’ business is unaffected by any technical gaps.

Since its establishment, the biggest headache for Megalayer has been attacks. For example, a massive attack brought down its data center, causing massive network packet losses and network outages. These cases can sometimes result inexperience, network performance, and even customer churn. "The most serious attack occurred during the 2020 May Day holiday where we suffered non-stop attacks for seven days," Megalayer's CTO Zhu Ling said. "All resources in our server room were unavailable for those seven days."

To prevent problems like this from happening again, Megalayer had been looking for a suitable security application provider. They tested different DDoS mitigation products, but were not satisfied until they found Cloudflare in May of 2022.

Magic Transit Defends Megalayer Against Large-Scale Attacks and Reduces O&M Costs

After careful consideration, Megalayer adopted Cloudflare Magic Transit, which protects network infrastructure from DDoS attacks. In past attacks, Megalayer used an extreme solution: removing the IP route under attack and gradually restoring it later on. With Magic Transit, as soon as an attack occurs, Megalayer quickly switches the route to Cloudflare, and Cloudflare's Magic Transit steps in to block the attack. With over 155 Tbps network capacity and near-instant mitigation capability, Magic Transit can protect the entire IP subnet from DDoS attacks.

"During the week of August 22-28, Magic Transit blocked 4,027 malicious attacks for us," added Zhu Ling. The attacks were mainly TCP, UDP, and ICMP flooding attacks, peaking at 13 Gbps, which were all successfully detected and mitigated by Cloudflare.

Under Cloudflare's protection, the network availability and accessibility of Megalayer increased by nearly 100% – even when subjected to another large-scale attack. Zhu Ling said, "With Magic Transit, the network outage has been completely resolved. Our customers' businesses run stably, even during prolonged and large-scale network attacks. This significantly improved the network quality of server rooms."

In addition to guaranteeing network quality, Cloudflare reduces work pressure and costs for the Operations team at Megalayer. The team can devote their time to more important tasks because there is no longer a need to constantly deal with network attack sources and monitor network resources. Now, with network quality improved, customers' issue reports have become less common, reducing operational pressures on the maintenance team. With Cloudflare Magic Transit, network maintenance work is reduced by 60% when facing large-scale attacks and overall network maintenance costs were reduced by 50%.

In just three months, Magic Transit has shown Megalayer the strength of Cloudflare's products and the professional competence of their team. Zhu Ling said, "The communication was smooth. And the whole configuration process was quite smooth, too. Magic Transit allowed our resources to operate normally, even when under attack. The DDoS protection is very reliable."

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Key Results
  • 4,027 attacks blocked in one week — including one peaking at 13 Gbps
  • Network availability and accessibility increased by nearly 99.99%, even when subjected to another large-scale attack
  • Network maintenance costs reduced by 50%

The communication and the whole configuration process was quite smooth. Magic Transit allows our resources to operate effectively, even when under attack. The DDoS protection is reliable.

Zhu Ling
Chief Technology Officer

With Magic Transit, network outages have been completely resolved. Our customers' businesses run stably, even during prolonged and large-scale network attacks. This significantly improves the network quality of server rooms.

Zhu Ling
Chief Technology Officer