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Cloudflare Area 1 Email Security

Stop phishing attacks and secure your cloud email
Cloudflare Area 1 for Microsoft 365, Gmail cloud email security protection

Don’t trust your inbox: protect your organization from attacks against your #1 business application: email. Cloudflare Area 1 comprehensively defends against sophisticated threats by stopping phish at the earliest stages of the attack cycle.

Get Zero Trust protection against a broad spectrum of threats: malware-less Business Email Compromise, multichannel phishing, credential harvesting, and other targeted phishing. All in a cloud-native service that can be deployed in minutes to secure your Microsoft 365 and Gmail users.

Cloudflare Area 1 for Microsoft 365, Gmail cloud email security protection

Preemptively block phishing attacks

Email Link Isolation from Cloudflare Area 1 stops multichannel phishing attacks that exploit email and web browser links. Cloud email security plus Cloudflare remote browser isolation.
  • Neutralize suspicious/unknown web links and multichannel phishing attacks, by turning on the Area 1 integration with Cloudflare Browser Isolation.
  • Uncover new tactics used by malicious actors to block phishing in real-time, versus waiting days or weeks for signature updates.
  • Accurately detect and contain low-volume targeted phish without requiring large attack sample volumes.
  • Get visibility into compromised accounts and domains, as well as new, lookalike, and proximity domains impersonating your brand.
Email Link Isolation from Cloudflare Area 1 stops multichannel phishing attacks that exploit email and web browser links. Cloud email security plus Cloudflare remote browser isolation.


Stop Business Email Compromise attacks — including ‘long con’ invoice fraud

  • Sentiment analysis looks at message intent, tone, sender relationships, and other attack signals.
  • Uncover sophisticated BEC and supplier account takeovers through sender trust graphs and entire thread analysis.
  • Automatically block, quarantine, and escalate fraudulent financial communications.

Learn how to detect and block BEC — a $43 billion global problem — with six advanced techniques.


Enhance Microsoft 365 & Google email security

  • Replace redundant SEGs — which we often see miss over 30% of phishing emails — with best-in-class cloud-native email security.
  • Proactively discover and block socially-engineered phish that bypass Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 with ATP.
  • Eliminate the need for hardware and “tuning” to keep up with new threats.

Seamlessly fits into any email security stack

Area 1 Product Page - Inline Deployment
  • Deploy in minutes without any hardware, agents, or appliances.
  • Choose the deployment option best for your organization — inline, API, or multi-mode.
  • Extend email protection to your chosen vendors and partners.
  • Expedite SOC investigations with post-delivery message retractions and integrations with SIEM/SOAR platforms.
Area 1 Product Page - Inline Deployment

Key features

In-the-wild discovery of attacker infrastructure and phishing campaigns
Protection against all 4 Gartner-defined BEC attack types
Both heuristic-based and ML-based detection techniques to ensure broadest possible threat coverage
Protection against web-based phishing campaigns through a globally distributed, recursive DNS service
Deep integrations with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace environments and workflows
Multi-mode deployment with flexible options including inline, API, journaling, and connectors
Automated and managed phishing triage and remediation
Cloud-native architecture built to dynamically scale and ensure business continuity

Discover which threats are evading your current email defenses

Why Zero Trust + Email Security?

Simplify the way you protect SaaS applications

Cloudflare Zero Trust
Protect users and data with a Zero Trust approach

The traditional tools used to connect employees to corporate apps grant excessive trust, increasing your cyber risk.

The Cloudflare Zero Trust platform replaces legacy security perimeters, and ensures that all traffic in and out of a business is verified and authorized.

As part of the Cloudflare Zero Trust portfolio, Area 1 helps increase visibility, eliminate complexity, and reduce risks for remote and office users alike.

Cloudflare Zero Trust

Cloud Email Security Resources


360 Degrees of Protection: Combating the Rise of Multichannel Phishing

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about multichannel phishing attacks, how users are being exploited through their use of email and web browsing, and what can be done to insulate users from these malicious threats.

Solution & Product Guides

Email Link Isolation product brief

Opening suspicious email links in an isolated browser neutralizes any potential malware by running all code in the cloud, far away from the user and their device. Download this brief to learn about integrated Cloudflare Area 1 email security + Cloudflare Browser Isolation.

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Phishing Risk Assessment Overview

The complimentary Phishing Risk Assessment from Cloudflare lets you know who within your organization is most targeted by phishing, which email threats are evading your current defenses, where malicious attacks are originating, and more.

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How to replace your email gateway with Cloudflare Area 1

Here's a step-by-step guide to replacing redundant and ineffective traditional secure email gateways (SEGs) with Area 1's preemptive, cloud-native email security.

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Enhance Gmail Security with Cloudflare Area 1

Deploy Cloudflare Area 1 in just minutes for a best-of-breed, defense-in-depth anti-phishing security layer for your Google Workspace email users.

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Area 1 & Microsoft 365 Email Security Solution Brief

Keep Microsoft inboxes threat-free with preemptive, cloud-native email security.

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Cloudflare Cloud Email Security Product Overview

Learn how you can preemptively protect your users against phishing, Business Email Compromise (BEC), and email supply chain attacks.

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Cloudflare Cloud Email Security product packaging data sheet

Download this datasheet for a breakdown of included features in the different Cloudflare's cloud email security (CES) product packages - Advantage, Enterprise, and Enterprise + PhishGuard.

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Expanding Zero Trust with email security

Watch our on-demand webinar covering phishing trends and why email security is critical to Zero Trust.