Cloudflare with Microsoft Azure

Deploy Cloudflare with Microsoft Azure and get better performance, security, and reliability for your Azure-hosted web properties while dramatically reducing your egress costs. Cloudflare seamlessly works with Microsoft Azure to improve your app experience using the Azure application for Cloudflare Argo Tunnel, Azure Active Directory B2C integration with Cloudflare WAF, SSL for Azure Static Web Hosting, and the integration of with Azure.

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Why use Cloudflare with Azure?

Discounted egress pricing

Reduce egress costs by up to two-thirds by choosing Cloudflare as your egress routing preference.

Massive network scale

Get closer to your end-users using the Cloudflare global cloud network spanning 285+ cities in 100+ countries.

Security and performance without trade-offs

Protect your Azure deployment with enterprise-grade security without sacrificing web performance.

Unified control plane

Customize and enforce security policies and gain visibility of your entire Azure infrastructure from the Cloudflare dashboard.

Identity integration

Customize security rules by leveraging the Cloudflare WAF integration with Azure Active Directory B2C.

Full product stack

Leverage deeply integrated products for faster network routing, serverless computing, content acceleration, DDoS protection, and more, all from one provider.

How it works

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