Global, Authoritative DNS

Powering more than 35% of managed DNS domains, CloudFlare runs one of the largest authoritative DNS networks in the world. We’ve built DNS to be fast, powerful and secure.

With CloudFlare’s authoritative DNS, you’ll get:

  • Global coverage from an Anycast-powered network serving 43 billion queries per day.
  • Lightning-fast look-up speeds and instant DNS updates.
  • Built-in security to protect against DDoS and other web attacks.
  • Powerful functionality with no query limits, easy management and a robust API.

Plus, CloudFlare’s DNS is free to everyone. Setting it up takes just a few minutes and you can add on security and performance features at no extra cost.

Global coverage from an Anycast-powered network

CloudFlare’s global Anycast network powers our DNS and other services, serving 43 billion DNS queries per day, and growing. More than 2,000,000 websites, including major ecommerce websites, government agencies and enterprises, use CloudFlare DNS service to make sure their website is online and always available to anyone in the world.

With data centers located across the world, every node in our network can serve any DNS request on our custom-built, fully-owned hardware running CloudFlare’s authoritative DNS software. With built-in load balancing and automatic failover, the CloudFlare network has been designed to withstand losing 50% of the network without impacting service availability. Customers who sign up for our Business or Enterprise plans also receive a 100% uptime SLA.

CloudFlare CDN global anycast network

Lightning-fast look-up speeds and instant DNS updates

Consistently ranked as one of the fastest DNS providers by SolveDNS, we route your DNS query to the closest available data center to make sure the response is returned in a few milliseconds.

Updates to DNS are also fast - taking less than a minute. Changing website content, updating to point to disaster recovery servers or switching hosting providers becomes easy with near instant DNS updates. Your web visitors see the freshest content and you avoid any risk of outdated information.

When using CloudFlare, changes to your web hosting avoid waiting for public DNS TTL (Time To Live) record expiration, because your public IP addresses don’t change.

Built-in security to protect against DDoS and other attacks

Built from the ground up with security in mind, our DNS service can resist the largest DDoS attacks ever seen. Based on experience with handling attacks, and our custom authoritative DNS software, CloudFlare automatically applies the proper protections, including rate limiting, filtering, and blocking.

We also support 2-factor authentication for logging in to manage your DNS settings.

Powerful functionality with no query limits, easy management and robust API

We make DNS easy. We don’t set query limits and can support millions of records in a single account. With our Business and Enterprise plans, you get wildcard support and custom name servers. Finally, you can choose how to manage your DNS - via API or using our easy, centralized management dashboard.

Setting up your authoritative DNS records

Centralized management of your DNS records

To add a new DNS record, choose the record type you want to add and then the appropriate values for that record type. The update to DNS should take less than a minute.

Going beyond DNS

Once you’re set up on CloudFlare’s DNS service, you can decide to enable additional features. In your DNS record, you’ll be presented with an orange or grey cloud. Orange means that you would like to turn on CloudFlare. Once you turn our service on, your traffic will route through CloudFlare’s service which will help your website run faster and block potential web threats such as DDoS attacks and other common web threats. Learn more here.

Get started

Our authoritative DNS service is free and comes with any of CloudFlare’s security and performance plans. Compare plans here.

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