eZanga is a global digital marketing company with an ad fraud solution called Anura. Anura determines true user behavior in real-time, versus focusing on vanity metrics, allowing for more measurable results. As a buyer and seller of traffic, eZanga honed their Anura technology on regular performance feedback from clients, allowing for a more accurate assessment of true user behavior.

eZanga’s Challenge: Performance Requirements for Real-Time Fraud Detection and Customer Data Security

“Anura’s ‘Script’ and ‘Direct’ product lines have such high-speed requirements, we had to measure performance from top to bottom, to find every component where improvements could be made.” explained Joe Rodichok, CTO at eZanga. "Anura prides itself on speed and performance so that customers are delivered a response as fast as possible.”

Outside of improving the performance of Anura’s product offering, eZanga needed to ensure their customers’ data was secure: “Security of our clients’ information is paramount to our success.” This included protection and access of internal development environments critical to Anura’s success.

eZanga’s Solution: Performance Improvements with Fast DNS, CDN, and Smart Routing, While Protecting Customer Data

eZanga’s performance requirements lead them to researching potential improvements from the top-down, starting with DNS; after extensive research, eZanga found that Cloudflare’s DNS was the right solution, as it’s the fastest managed DNS provider globally.

eZanga took advantage of other Cloudflare performance services, including Railgun and Load Balancing, but found significant performance improvements with Argo Smart Routing. “With speed being paramount, Argo Smart Routing helps us improve speed delivery worldwide by 30-40%.

Beyond performance, Anura utilizes Cloudflare for DDoS protection against large attacks, while employing page rules to ensure easy management of caching and security features across different Anura product offerings: “Taking advantage of multiple layers of security like Cloudflare only helps us and our customers.”

eZanga also replaced their internal VPN with Cloudflare Access, opening up secure access to internal subsystems for employees working from home or abroad. “eZanga once required VPN capabilities or you had to be on the office network; Access took the place of that VPN for employees to easily and securely access systems from home.”

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Joe Rodichok

“Performance was our number one priority and Cloudflare provided a distinct difference over other options. Also, the ease of use of the GUI and API access made Cloudflare even more attractive.”

Joe Rodichok
CTO at eZanga