Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress

A simple ON button to boost the performance of WordPress sites.

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72% improvement in Page Load Speeds (Time to First Byte) For WordPress Websites

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Key Features

Faster Page Load Time

Faster Page Load Time

Quick and Easy Setup

Quick and Easy Setup

Delivered from Cloudflare’s Edge network

Delivered from Cloudflare’s Edge network

Here's how it Works

Getting started with Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress is Easy.

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Download our WordPress Plugin

Download and install the plugin to accelerate your WordPress site’s page-load speed.

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Create a Cloudflare Account

After the WordPress plugin is installed, simply create a new Cloudflare account or link an existing one directly from the plugin.

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Complete Setup

The plugin will ask you a few questions about how you'd like to optimize your WordPress site and we will fine tune the settings based on your selections.

Detailed Explanation of How This Works

Automatic Platform Optimization puts your website into Cloudflare’s network that is within 10 milliseconds of 99% of the Internet-connected population in the developed world, all without having to change your existing hosting provider.

Dynamic Caching

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Powered by the Cloudflare's Edge

Automatic Platform Optimization serves both static and dynamic content from Cloudflare edge reducing costly round trips to the origin and server processing time. All the communication occurs between the user’s device and Cloudflare edge and

Automatic Platform Optimization bypasses the cache on standard WordPress and WooCommerce cookies for authenticated users. This ensures customized content for a specific user is only visible to that user. Fonts are rehosted and served from our cache.

Increased bandwidth savings

"By caching static HTML on Cloudflare’s edge network, we saw a 70-300% performance increase. If your WordPress site uses a traditional CDN that only caches CSS, JS, and images, upgrading to Cloudflare’s WordPress Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) is a no-brainer and will help you stay competitive with modern JAMstack and static sites that live on the edge by default."
Brian Li
Website Content Manager @ Kinsta


Free Plan

Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress costs $5/month for customers on our Free plan

Professional, Business, and Enterprise Plans

Included, at no additional cost, in our Professional, Business, and Enterprise plans.

Download the Plugin

Trusted by approximately 25 million Internet properties

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