A multinuvem simplificada.

Cloud storage and compute is becoming an increasingly large part of CIOs' budgets. And different clouds have different strengths and weaknesses.

Não fique limitado. A Cloudflare mantém suas opções em aberto — entre ambientes públicos, multinuvem, híbridos e no local.

  • Aplique políticas consistentes entre várias nuvens
  • Get visibility across your entire network infrastructure
  • Balance workloads across separate public and private clouds
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Considerados confiáveis por cerca de 25.000.000 ativos da internet, em qualquer setor, incluindo:

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54% of companies now use hybrid or multi-cloud environments.*

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*According to a Forrester study.

How it works

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Why use Cloudflare for multi-cloud?

How Cloudflare helps with multi-cloud deployments:

  • Unified control plane: Cloudflare provides a scalable, unified control plane to deliver security, performance, and reliability for multi-cloud
  • Consistent security policy: Enforce the same security policies across all clouds, regardless of vendor
  • Integrated security & performance: Cloudflare offers deeply integrated security and performance without trade-offs

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Cloudflare integration with cloud providers

  • content delivery network

    Cloudflare + AWS

    Cloudflare seamlessly integrates with AWS S3 and EC2 deployments, offering performance, security, and reliability for static and dynamic web properties hosted on AWS.
  • website optimization

    Cloudflare + Azure

    Cloudflare can connect to any Microsoft Azure cloud service to protect and accelerate web properties hosted on Azure.
  • anycast network

    Cloudflare + GCP

    Turn on Cloudflare in front of your Google Cloud Platform deployment for faster traffic, stronger security protections, and simpler load balancing.
  • Cloudflare + IBM

    Cloudflare + IBM

    Cloudflare easily integrates with IBM Cloud services. Cloudflare also partners with IBM to offer joint customers performance, security, and reliability services.
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What is multi-cloud and what are its benefits?

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